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First take. Not a serious serious video. Wrote lyrics today, made up beat today, rapped it today. It’s really unedited and stuff but we were trying to get this up here fast. Next video <3 

Lyrics :
I met her one afternoon back in the day.
The way she smiled just blew me away.
She made me speechless. I didn’t know what to say.
Her beauty makes me go craycray.
These cold impulses rushing through my body.
This feeling I have is somewhat godly.
The feeling of butterflies one hell of a surpries.
If I could descibe that wonder girl
Shed be like stars that are soring.
Though the skies its very very alluring.
like sounds of birds singing every morning.
Or anything that can possibly describe adoring.
Cause girl, dude you are a temptation.
i want you but I know my limitations.
I really like all your little expressions.
Like a smile, laugh leaving long lasting empressions.
Everything about you keeps me sane.
Sometimes I wished you felt the same.
Youre like a puzzle, a mystery,
something that is very hard to solve.
I dont want our friendship to ever disolve.
This is the end and it is all true.
And you should know by now, how much really I like you.