Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean underestimates your fighting skills.

Warnings: Brief cursing and sparring.

A/N: Hope you all enjoy this cute little idea I had :)

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“But Sam…” Dean groans, sticking out his bottom lip.

Sam rolls his eyes. “No buts. Our hand to hand combat is rusty and we need to practice.”

“Can I watch?” Your soft, timid voice appears from the doorway. You’re a hunter, but you prefer to stick your head in countless books than get your hands dirty.

“Sure. You can watch me kick Sammy’s ass”, Dean boasts, flexing his arm muscles. You giggle as Sam’s expression turns into annoyance.

The two brothers square off, hands raised in position. You know Sam has an advantage- he’s taller, bigger, and more fit. But, Dean is clever and fast. It’s a pretty even match.

Dean, being as cocky as he is, charges first, trying to knock his younger brother on his back. Sam seems to predict this, and moves out of the way, causing Dean to stumble. After what seems like hours, Dean has Sam pinned underneath him.

Dean’s eyes proudly meet yours, giving you his signature wink.

Grumbling, Sam pushes his brother off of him. Dean hits the floor with an ‘oomf!’ and you can’t help but laugh. Dean stands up and brushes himself off before teasing Sam on his loss.

In the midst of taunting his brother, Dean almost doesn’t hear your soft voice.

“Can I try next?”

Both Sam and Dean look at you in disbelief. You’re over a foot shorter than either of the brothers and not muscularly built like them. Besides, you don’t ever take cases, and they take cases almost regularly.

Dean walks over to you, easily towering over you. “Alright, pipsqueak”, you narrow your eyes when he mentions the nickname, “who do you want to take on?”

“You.” Your answer seems to surprise him, after all, he did just beat Sam. 

“Well alright sweetheart.” Dean allows you to get in position, a cocky smile on his lips. This will be a piece of cake (or pie, in Dean’s terms).

Sam signals you two to begin. Of course, Dean tries to use his much larger body and weight against you, and immediately charges you. You quickly duck and move out of the way, chuckling as Dean almost runs into a wall. 

Anger fills Dean’s veins as he tries to land a punch on your jaw, but you simply dodge the hit. With Dean distracted, you land an uppercut on his lower jaw, crumpling him to the ground. You pin your weight against him, making sure to hold his arms and legs still. 

“Looks like you lost, Deano.” Teasingly, you place a soft kiss where a bruise was forming from your hit before standing up, ignoring Sam’s open mouth stare as you walk out. 

Sam looks over to Dean with wide eyes. He’s sitting up now, gently rubbing his swollen jaw with an awe stricken and admiring look in his eyes. 

“Damn”, is all he can whisper out, feeling the mark tingle (and he knows its not just from the punch).

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I know everyone’s freaking out over the mixtape, but WHAT GOT ME was when, Kelly holds Cas’s hand and he gets that surge of celestial nephilim power(or something) and Dagon is almost going to kiLL him, but then he killed her, and that was good but THEN-

Dean gets up, and he has this sort of dazed, amazed look on his face and the first thing he says is “Cas” so SOFTLY ILSDHAFKDJKLHJ. NOT”the hell?” or “what was that?” nO. Then Sam asks “what was that?’ and Cas explains and all this time, Dean hasn’t said a word..

ANd THEN Cas heals Dean’s broken hand and thanks him and what does DEAN say- “You okay?”(So soFTly)

After everything, EVerything, because god knows he must have been so angry at Cas for all that he did, he WAS angry. But just the mere thought of losing him, seconds ago, Dean softened. He didn’t care. He doesn’t care, don’t you see?! He can’t bear losing Cas. Which is why when Cas says the baby needs to be born, he doesn’t protest against his stand, he just says..”After whatever that thing did to you,Cas,We are not just gonna let you walk away.”AS IN “STAY, Cas.” Stay here, with me.

Actually to think about it, this entire episode,everything that happened between Dean and Cas, was just a giant plea from Dean asking Cas to sTAY- I MEAN COME ON “Yes, Dumbass, we” “We’re better together”. “It’s a gift.” AND THIS.

Dean just wants Cas to STAY.  

My feels juST KILLED ME bYe .( I haven’t found the gifs for this scene, but when I DO, and I will, I’ll definitely update this post with them.


there were some technical difficulties but now here it is, Episode 51: A GREAT GRAPE ASS of our Kingdom Hearts playthrough is up


[speakin as a expert™ yuta stan] ?? ??? 💕💖💘 ? ? im !!!!!

 i cnt blieve we found jaehyun n yuta’s iconic lookalikes w ow :o


thanks to a certain garage sale I have a printer/scanner so now I can upload more wips :> I like going from traditional to digital.

Here are Amaranthys and her sister Vexwynne, my WoW charas. they got a lot goin on.

Edit: Added a couple more progress shots! o v o/

Yo everyone. So let’s talk about colorism. The definition: “Skin color is only one mechanism used to assign individuals to a racial category, but race is the set of beliefs and assumptions assigned to that category. Racism is the dependence of social status on the social meaning attached to race; colorism is the dependence of social status on skin color alone. In order for a form of discrimination to be considered colorism, differential treatment must not result from racial categorization, but from the social values associated with skin color.[1]”

So why is colorism important?
Well in the kpop fandom whitewashed pictures of your biases aren’t new. If you don’t know why people make a fuss about whitewashed pictures here’s why.
The history behind colorism in China for example is the fact that richer people tended to stay indoors and in shade (so of course they’d have paler skin) the poor worked for long hours in the sun outside (making them darker skinned). This historical way of discrimination dates back from dynastic eras. This way of discrimination still goes on today. In kpop and Asian media especially. Many examples come to mind when I think of idols who usually get picked on because of their darker skin: Twice’s Tzuyu, Vixx’s N, Girl’s Day’s Hyeri, BAP’s Daehyun, BTS’s Jhope and Taehyung and Exo’s Kai are just a few. Usually idol’s look physically uncomfortable when their skin color is mentioned. These idols continuously get shamed and picked on by other people. The problem is: DARK SKIN ISN’T BAD. DARK SKIN DOES NOT INHERENTLY MAKE YOU OR ANYONE ELSE A BAD PERSON. NO ONE SHOULD FEEL BAD ABOUT THEIR SKIN TONE. Dark skin does not make you ugly. We need to stop this kind of toxic mentality where people obsess over having whiter skin and bleach their skin or sometimes even use chemical creams to get the paler skin. Paler skin does not equate to anyone’s value. SKIN COLOR DOES NOT EQUAL A PERSON’S VALUE. Colorism is so real in Asian culture as well as others. We need to change this.

Hawaii 5-0 Episode 7.23

Can we take a moment to appreciate what tonight’s episode gave us?

1.  The Steve and Danny home renovation show.  Complete with Danny being the typical male and tossing the instructions!  

2.  We got to see Meka!  Which was incredible bittersweet knowing the backstory here. 

3.  We got to see, once again, how Rachel twisted Danny’s nuts in a vise.  (And to think she was only getting started)

4.  Gratuitous rolling around and fighting on the floor with a contract killer.  Damn, that should NOT have been that sexy.  And yet….

5.  Looking back on how Danny beat himself up over that case and how it led to his working on John McGarrett’s case and meeting Steve.

6.  Steve with Charlie!  Playing with Charlie, tucking him in, telling him he loves him and that Danno is the best!  Even telling him that Danny put the bed together (which we all know Steve did since Danny was called away on the case ;)

And finally……

7.  Danny admitted he had a crush on Kono when he first met her!  

The Surf n Turf feels are ALIVE!