Una artista brasilera se inspiró en los estereotipos que recaen sobre las mujeres en la cultura machista y creó una serie de ilustraciones para reflexionar. Carol Rossetti decidió hacer arte utilizando motivos inspirados en los prejuicios machistas que recaen sobre las mujeres en su vida cotidiana.

Para ello creó una serie de ilustraciones que muestran los estereotipos y vivencias con las que tienen que convivir las mujeres diariamente.

It was another steamy day in Charleston, it got me thinking back to the old school church ladies that would substitute when I was in elementary school. They’d have those thick decorative tinted frames and would always have Halls lasagnes and pull that church fan out of their pocket book. So during lunch I started this illustration. #wip #vector #ilustracíon #illustration #vectorart #africanAmerican #churchlady #poc

What is necessary for a good trip? A car, four people and their luggage. (Obrázek - auto ctryri lidi, velka kopa zavazadel.) Ilustrace cloveka ktery dumá nad tím jak to složit. Řika: Maybe not… For this you need to know puzzles. Fortunately I solved many puzzles when I was young. So, it started in 2014. I have gone to euro road trip. especially to Germany and Austria.