Mikolos Erini; Miyka/Miykia for short. He usually puts up a tough act, but sometimes he has really squishy dork moments and tends to be far more impressionable then he’d like to admit.

Still gotta’ sort out his tattoos, these sketcharoos were mostly for fun and getting a hang of drawing him in general.

click on / right-click view image for slightly larger version.

“purebled Andolan, that one. Y'see the eyes? A goldrung gaze, they call it. Folk say they can see right through ya’, right inside, into the stuff of your soul.

Do I believe it?
Na’, that just tall tales.

Those eyes, tho’, they still give me the chills, spirit seein’ or not.”

You button that shirt right back up, young man, you are a guardsman, not a fashion model.

a wish of change
dark wonder, thought
in ink black feathers
downfall wrought

a humble heart
with best intent
his twisted words-
a grim descent

for any one
who seeks new ways
you take his hand
you live dark days

and walk his path
dare not dream deep
don’t stir the dark
don’t wake his sleep

- Sharendeli version of Sleeper’s Song

Been listening to Geinoh Yamashirogumi and writing odds and ends concerning Ilusimi beliefs/folk tales. Have a quick design-doodle for them. Possible subject to change etcetc.

A tentative map for my story. Might be subject to change, but I like what I made with it so far and would like to share.

because guys I love making maps. They’re way up there on my list of favorite things to design. I don’t know why. Just maps. Since always. maps

I have also finally come to the Procrastination Loop/Paradox where I procrastinate from procrastination by working on what I was previously procrastinating from. Now to step up the level to procrastinate from stories by working on the workhaul I have to deal with this weekend! nngh

This is what most of my character designs start as - simplified cartoony figures with fleshed out general features and colors. I really enjoy making these.

This posse isn’t anything too concrete yet, just visual odds and ends for some ideas.

From left to right:

Griege Amsen, Bree, drawn in a very uninteresting pose, an optimistic daredevil, has the brain to go with his brawn.

Angiviel Amsen, Bree, Griege’s younger brother and voice of reason, will still happily pull off a risky stunt if he has to, though.

Mirwiden “Mirwi”, Bree, charismatic sass-bucket, flighty but loyal, occasionally nicknamed “Sleight of Face”, much to his chagrin.

Knirishka, Swivi-Arrowhead, bundle of lanky foreign excitement and one darn good ring-fighter.

Matiana, Kastaji, hardass spear fighter and teacher figure, the sleeve-tattoos reaching her neck indicate she must have had spent a long time as a disciple of the Wilderwalk Vigil.