• Me: I want to be in love with someone like i'm in love with my fave characters, to be the co-writer of our story... I think the scary part is if things go south, the writer I'll have to blame will be myself.
  • Matilda: you're in love w your fave characters bc they have been crafted to make sense in a specific contect and everyhting you see of them means somehting ou can put into context.ppl are a bt more complucated, and thigns are messier.bc there is so much more in that space it is difficult to have the same intenstiy bc there is so much more inforamtion to process and there are lots of things about ppl who love hat you also dont like.being w someone is less of a story and more of a journey,its an adventure
  • me: shhhh I was trying to be deep
  • Matilda: and you are deep v deep and one day you will be deeply in love
  • me: hopefully one day soon i'll be deep inside a beautiful girl