Pairing: Yuri Katsuki / Victor Nikiforov
Rating: K+
Warnings: Sleepy Yuris
Summary: After taking the lead in the first event in Beijing, Victor gives an exhausted Yuri a little TLC

For @victuurimarch

After the rush of adrenaline from skating and the excitement of taking an early lead with a personal best, Yuri is exhausted. He feels it bone deep, unable to stop yawning even through a late, post performance dinner at a nice restaurant that his coach had picked. When he almost falls asleep in his soup Victor laughs softly and pulls the spoon from Yuri’s limp hand, calling to nearby waitstaff for the check.

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2016 Summary of art and Thanks

Mostly Dragon Age yes (ans some Fire Emblem sometimes :o), but let’s be honest I’m deeply lost in those hells.

I improved my coloring maybe? Still searching a style tbh  (^v^)

Ok guys and now come the feels and the thanks. i’ve been on Tumblr for less than a year now and even if it is not that much, I mostly suscribed here because I wanted a platform where I could share my art and meet people having the same interests as me.

Now we’re at the end of the year. We’re more than 400 here and this is just a huge amount of folks in almost 8 months, just wow. I wanted to say thank you because I have no self-confidence at all and by liking, reblogging and adding nice comments to my pieces, even by watching it you’re making me feel I don’t know, somehow special? maybe this is stupid but I’m so glad some peeps are actually taking interest on my doodles ;v; I’m not staying here for my art anymore but for the wonderful persons I met, truly.

I’m 17 and I’ll turn 18 by the end of april, which means I’ll be able to be a little more independent considering money: There are plenty of artists and writer I want to commission and help, but atm it’s impossible. So I’m really impatient to be in a few months!!! 

Lots of love on you guys, thank you so much for staying with the wee flan that is me ❤️


you are the first dream of my soul, and from that dream i hope will come all other dreams, a lifetime’s worth.

for @dawncourt, happy birthday clara ♡