Manga vs. Anime vs. Musical

“Black’s roommate would be…Suit!”

  • Teruma as William T. Spears Suit
  • Furukawa Yuta as Sebastian Michaelis Black
  • (Musical Kuroshitsuji: Noah’s Ark Circus)

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Note: This is the first time ever that Kuromyu has used a split screen in its DVD recording.


No, I do not forget about our kilometric conversations~ And yes, I do remember you said you have a thing for Hyde with animal themed clothes on. And of course, our mania(?) with kigurumis. It all comes together x'DDD

Anyway… I hope you have the greatest day, hun <3

I have a couple of drawings I’ve made from our conversations that I haven’t posted anywhere, so… I declare this day as the LawLicht Fest(?). Hahah, stay tuned xD

thisbirdhadflown  asked:

Top five ways Harry and Eggsy end their relationship. *cue evil laughter*

OH YOU BASTARD (jk jk I love you to the moon and back)

  1. Death. One of them dies in the line of duty, leaving the other with a broken soul and shattered heart.
  2. Harry thinks Eggsy doesn’t want an old man, so he tries to let him down gently, but Eggsy gets fuckin pissed because why the fuck wouldn’t he want Harry, and then Harry gets angry because he thinks it’s just a front and anyway Eggsy will come to his senses, you’ll see.
  3. Their relationship of teacher and student never changes. No matter how hard one or the other pushes, the boundaries remain. So they give up, and the two of them drift apart forever.
  4. Eggsy doesn’t want mum to be uncomfortable around Harry, so he asks him awkwardly not to come ‘round anymore.
  5. The other knights vote to cast Eggsy out of Kingsman (I KNOW THERE’S FICS OF THIS BUT THEY END HAPPILY AND WE WANT P A I N

Send me top 5 or 10 anything!


you are the first dream of my soul, and from that dream i hope will come all other dreams, a lifetime’s worth.

for @dawncourt, happy birthday clara ♡

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/// i am living for you Dragging these people. but also ??? i really wish people would just call out people on their racism some more. instead of letting it go after a couple of hours. i'm all here for everything you're saying. ilu.

white ppl abuse the anon button way too much when they think theyre saying smth Controversial Never Seen Or Heard Before but honestly??? get some new fuckin material i am Bored

BUT THANK U IM SO GLAD U GET IT??? i could Weep tbh sdlfkjsadf LKJSDFLKJADF