urarra-remade asked:

this probably isn't suitable for a drabble bUT i thought this is cute so!!! how about rei and chigusa take a walk in the park and chigusa loves the colours of the trees in autumn and just looks really happy but the only thing rei sees is her because she's so beautiful and he can't help but kiss her. then they cuddle on a bench, drink tea which rei brought from at home, and talk for hours ;w;

ahhhhhhhh, rebecca i could kiss you!!!!! <33

wow i can just imagine rei staring at her while she’s looking around in awe, and then she notices that he’s gone quiet and looks at him and notices him staring. they both blush and look away but look back at each other, and rei is staring again and starts leaning in without thinking because all his logic and theory is being thrown out the window. before either of them know it, they’re sharing a short, sweet kiss. they both pull away with chigusa blushing because rei’s still staring. he whispers “you’re so beautiful chigusa-chan” and she just stares at him, smiling because he’s called her by her given name. “thank you, rei-kun” she says before hugging him and he hugs her back tightly and then commences the tea drinking and cuddling!!

aww yea i’m gonna write this!!