In the end, I lost sight of what was important, what I wanted to protect, left unable to understand anything anymore. "Hope and despair balance each other out to zero." You said that to me once, right? At this point, that is something I finally understand.


sAY WHAT? IT’S 26th OF JANUARY ALREADY? Woah slow down time, I didn’t know you could run dem ass so quick until I didn’t realize it’s already 2 YEARS WITH B.A.P! Time flies so fast, in a blink of an eye it’s already two years with b.a.p, and not to forget with all of you old babys since debut or new babys since whatever era they were you’re still one of us (also if you are a one true baby, you rock dude). Happy TWO YEARS anniversary to B.A.P and to my family, BABYS. Hopefully we all can stick until 10, 100 to 1000 years together <3