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why would you do this ??? ok but instead of one thing I love with that starts with that letter I’ll do a few for which ever one I want okay?? :D 

A- Angel 

 B- Bee (both @ifoughtabee and the actual bee :3), blue 

 C- cherries, chocolate, cookies, @chelseawaifu , candy 

 D-, Drake

 E- Eminem

 F- Fireworks, Flowers,

 G- Genji 

 H- Hanzo 

 I- @ifoughtabee :3c 

 J- junkrat 

 K- koalas, koi ( u know like the :O fish ) 

 L- Lúcio, Lavender, Luigi M- Mei, Mercy 

 N- the night sky

 O- owls, otters

 P- Pharah, piano 

 Q- Quilts?? idk 

 R- ravens, @ramunii , Reaper, Roadhog, 


 S- @sylvir-raven , sombra, symmetra, saxophone

 T- Tracer U- u the person that is reading this ilu 

 V- Violet (the color and flower ), violins 

 W- Widowmaker, Winston X- xylophone?? Z

- zarya, zenyatta 

 whoever sent this ily :)

laughingpinecone  asked:

I had everything blacklisted when the AA5 posting started and one year later I'm still wondering - where does your detective spicy lips tag for Fulbright come from?

UH.. uhhhhahaha…. nervously will smith jazz hands in @sebastiandebeste ’s general direction. her professor sycamore tag was smth like #professor-spicy-lips & it was around the same time of pxy hype that gs5 hype was also… so i was like ‘u kno what, same’ but w fulbright. & it stuck. yup