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So, @coulsart ’s Pennywise has finally broken over a year of art block. I absolutely love your content and hope to see more of this rowdy clown alien! ❤️

Was hoping to maybe draw some shenanigans later, because I love him dearly but….. my cannibalistic haunted doll would most likely tell him his makeup is shit….. lmao…
(That is, if it’s ok for me to do lol).

I hope you’re having a delightful day!


Manga vs. Anime vs. Musical

“Black’s roommate would be…Suit!”

  • Teruma as William T. Spears Suit
  • Furukawa Yuta as Sebastian Michaelis Black
  • (Musical Kuroshitsuji: Noah’s Ark Circus)

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Note: This is the first time ever that Kuromyu has used a split screen in its DVD recording.


931103: an angel was borned. graced us with his charms,smiles and his many gifts. thank you for being mbb’s ray of sunshine and for sharing your big heart to the world. 

happy birthday, minhyuk  


I am SO READY for Patti Smith to be the one leading this revolution in America.

From her rallying cry last night in Los Angeles:

‘Are you ready? A hard rain IS going to fall. And what do we do? We walk through it! With our hands empty! We are going to walk across fucking America! We are going to fill the fucking streets! We will not give up! We will NOT behave! We will not do anything but be a thorn in their fucking side until they fucking bleed! Be strong. Be happy. Be healthy. Take to the streets, with your hands empty, with your hands up. We are surrendering to the greater good.’

(Starts at around 5:20, prior to ripping all her strings off her guitar)

Just in case you didn’t see it all over my page already (lol) I commissioned the super sweet, super awesome @days-e for some art of my mayors, and I was/am so happy to be blessed with this beauty 😭😭😭💖 

Benny is super duper talented and kind, please consider commissioning her as well! And click on the pic to see it in HD and appreciate all of the amazing details she put into this~