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[The way you said “I love you.” + 27. A taunt, with one eyebrow raised and a grin bubbling at your lips]

“Rich,” Jake pleads. He’s on the ground, propped up on his elbows while Rich stares him down with a merciless gaze Jake can barely see in the dark, illuminated only the neon lights surrounding them. “Don’t do this. Please.”

“Why not?” Rich grins, sharp and cruel as he takes a step forward. In his hands, he holds his pistol, a finger already on the trigger.

“Because I love you,” Jake says, knowing full well it’s hopeless. He knows when he’s lost.

‘I love you,’” Rich parrots his words back to Jake, scoffing. “I know you do, babe.”

Rich points his pistol straight at Jake’s chest.

“But it’s too late for love to save you now,”  he says. 

And he pulls the trigger.

Jake’s laser tag vest beeps miserably before powering down, unhelpfully telling him that he’s indeed been shot. At that moment, the end signal of the match plays over the arena’s speakers, and Jake falls to his back with a groan while Rich raises his fists in victory.

“Take that Mr. ‘I’ll destroy you at laser tag, just you wait,’” Rich crows while Jake puts his hands on his face. “Mr. ‘I’m an archer, my aim is flawless.’ Mr. ‘I hope you’re okay with losing.’”

“That was before you introduced plot,” Jake says into his palms. “You didn’t warn me about that! How was I supposed to be on top of my game when suddenly we’re assassins who’ve wronged each other?”

Rich bends down to help, offering Jake a hand, “I was a rogue spy and you were the assassin. Keep up, dude.”

“You made references,” Jake takes his hand, standing up. “What the hell did I do to you in Mumbai?”

“We consummated our steamy secret affair and it was this that was the downfall of my career in espionage, duh,” Rich tells him, keeping his hand in Jake’s as they walk out of the arena. “I’ll tell you the rest after you buy me the milkshake you owe. Because I beat you.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Jake laughs. He’s been on a fair share of first dates in his life, but he thinks this one is his favorite. Even if he did lose. “Strawberry?”

“You know me so fucking well,” Rich grins, squeezing his hand. Yep. Definitely his favorite. 


Riki the dork wad (cutie butt) Heropon, checking out some butterflies. He’ll probably beat them up, Riki’s a bamf. Both full-coloured background and the transparent.png dealy-o. B)

with the few months that overwatch has been out, including open beta, i can honestly say this game has attracted a special kind of following. while of course there are players who can be rude and distasteful, most of my experiences have been fun, kind– so many cool people, from all walks of life. whether it be they just enjoy the gameplay, or they relate to the characters, love the comics/shorts. the community is pretty okay so far, so shout-out to those of you who are creating, sharing, and just embracing the love for this really neat game.