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For KuroDai Week 2017, Day 4: Blind Date/Shotgun Wedding 

Daichi never should have agreed to this. He doesn’t even like dating. It’s awkward and contrived, and restaurants like this one, with waiters who are better dressed than he’s ever been, are specifically designed to make people like him—people who are most at home in the park, or the gym—feel like giant imposters.

He jabs the button on his phone a little harder than necessary and pulls up his text conversation with his best friend, who is also the cause of his current discomfort.

Daichi: suga wtf…this place is way too fancy
Daichi: and he’s not here yet

Suga: it’s not fancy, they just don’t serve happy meals 
Suga: and i told you you were leaving too early

Daichi: is he this kind of person? why would you set me up with someone who likes places like this?

Suga: i chose the place, you shit, because the food is excellent
Suga: please stop complaining and have a little faith in me

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i just wanted to thank you all for following / interacting with my interpretation of trevor belmont. as a longtime fan of castlevania, i remember being a little kid playing dracula’s curse and symphony of the night for the first time and just how enamored i was with every little detail about the games, the soundtracks, level design, stories and characters, etc. the concept of a noble family of hunters fighting against dark creatures, against dracula for generation after generation stuck with me and i yearned for an adaptation of the series into a film or animation of some kind. and so to see the arrival of one of my favorite belmonts, trevor, in an animated form for not only old fans, but newcomers to enjoy as well, made me so very happy. netflix’s castlevania is one of the better video game-to-tv adaptations i’ve seen and i’m so glad that interest is growing in the series as a whole because of the show. i’ve made so many great friends here and i look foward to interacting with as many of you as i can. once again, thank you for making my experience here so far a fantastic one !!! 

i want to personally thank @samueldeats and @spencerwan of powerhouse animation for their work on the show. the animation is absolutely superb and i truly believe your entire team has achieved the vision you were seeking to achieve. you’ve made entire generations of fans happy. thank you so much for your hard work and we’re very excited to see more from the show. 

and it’s time to gush about my husband @dhampirblood for inspiring me daily to continue on as trevor. babe, your writing is on another level, frankly. i’ve followed you across other accounts and you’ve always been a figure of inspiration and admiration for me. to be writing partners with you here is an honor and a joy and i’m so, so glad we’re friends and i hope we can continue to write for a long time. // finally, here’s a smol bias list i admire each and every single one of you and whether we’ve interacted or not, you’re a welcome addition to my dash. i love you all so much !!

RIDE OR DIE ; the best i could ever ask for.

@solauctor you are the loml nicki. ; @mammaterasu / @garuvusu sun pupper wife forever ; @priestxkiller / @blxndwitch ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)@bclmont + @darkmetamorphosis i’m always eyes emoji at you both tbh ; @draculc drain me dry please bby ; @bloodhuntress the best little sister ; @godclaw yo daenerys targaryen one special birdman… ; @agonemortis + @vampirekilling a couple of absolute badasses. come back soon. ; @luxuryofsurviving + @scholarblood sniffs…ty for letting me be the uncle to your kids ; @elesheir cries about all our inside jokes and…fig newtons… ; @adventson forever my james bond. ilu. insert keysmashing here. ; @eroeded danny we’re gonna grow old together i swear@eyesofwater nazy, your snapchats give me life and water my crops. ; @xprodigium / @strxgoi honestly one of my favorite people on this hellsite. ; @fatelorn love me abhadon. @grimprim actual mom i love.

HONORARY HUNTERS ; we don’t interact / talk much but you’re still cool kids.

@vrajiitoare@ofspeakers@bloodcontrol + @bloodcured ; @vanatcr@adventhero@kinmokian ; @godhated ; @rebelvow@wrths ; @exspiravitae@abominamenti ; @spineshattered + @astralvain ; @veniials ; @exitstageentropy ; @wyrmofthrace ; @endliing ; @borncruel ; @bloodcursed ; @duvenin ; @roikima ;

So I made a sad cecilos drabble thingy

I had this headcanon about how time passes in the desert but not in Night Vale.

Aka Carlos ages but Cecil doesn’t. This resulted in a very sad memoir ish drabble from Cecil to Carlos. The full thing can be found on AO3, or below the cut~

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