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I couldnt stop thinking about jim and bones comparing their junk (SHAME) i just thought about bones's girl (you) and jim's (me) getting drunk and talking about their junk and they listen to the conversation (jfc)

Leonard and Jim had decided to have a boys night out at the bar. You had decided to have a nice, quiet drink in your quarters with your best friend, who also happened to be Jims girlfriend. Leonard and Jim stumbled back into your quarters late.

“Girls?” Leonard called out into the room, looking around, as he hauled a stumbling Jim against his side to keep him from tipping over. Leonard was about to call out again when Jim nudged him in the side, pointing to your bedroom door, the light peering out from underneath.

Leonard made his way to your room, hauling Jim along with him. He lifted his hand to your door to knock, until he heard the two of you talking through the door. Jim and Leonard both exchanged glances.

“Jim’s is definitely bigger.” Your friend mused quietly. Jim gave Leonard a wide eyed expression, before having it fall into a smirk.

“Hmmm, you might be right, but just barely. Leonard’s is way wider though.” You countered slowly. Your friend gave a quiet muttering of agreeance. Leonard gave Jim a smirk of his own and nudged Jim in the ribs.

“Jim’s always looks nice. It seems like everytime I walk into the bedroom, he’s going at it. It’s almost borderline obsessive.” Your friend continued, shuffling around the room. Leonard quirked an eyebrow at Jim and all Jim could do was lift his arms up in a shrug.

“Maybe Jim should teach Leonard a few things. He hardly takes care of his.” You mused airily. Jim wiggled his eyebrows at Leonard. Leonard shook his head vehemently to that statement, quickly turning a dark shade of crimson.

“That’s a good idea! Maybe we can all get together some night and go over our techniques.” Your friend exclaimed, shutting what sounded like the closet door.

“That does sound like a good idea. Maybe we can all teach each other a thing or two. I could definitely do with some pointers.” You agreed quickly. Jim was nudging Leonard hard, biting his lip up at the doctor, and Leonard was batting Jim’s hands away from his arms while mouthing “absolutely not” to Jim, looking horrified at the idea.

Leonard having heard enough of this conversation for a lifetime, knocked on the door quickly. The two of you shuffled around quickly and went to the bedroom door and opened it. You and your friend stood in the entryway, holding onto both of their pairs of boots. Jim’s eyes went slightly wide before he doubled over laughing while Leonard’s shoulders relaxed as he breathed out “boots…” to the ceiling, closing his eyes in relief.

“What… How long have you two been standing there?” Your friend asked, with her hands moving to her hips.

“Long enough.” Jim replied in between laughs as he wiped the tears from his eyes.

“Did you think we were… Oh boys, we already discussed your dicks hours ago. I’m sorry you missed it.” You smirked at the two of them, now staring at you silent and wide eyed. “I’m totally kidding… maybe. That’s what the two of you get for eavesdropping!” You huffed out, tossing Leonard’s boot down to the floor.

“Sorry darlin, it won’t happen again.” Leonard replied, wrapping his arms around you, peppering kisses along your jaw. “Forgive us?” You sighed out and looked to your friend. Jim was already making his move on your friend, also wrapping his arm around her.

“Ugh, we can’t stay mad at the two of you.” You replied, rolling your eyes playfully. Your friend just nodded her agreement in Jim’s shoulder. “It better not happen again McCoy.” You added sternly as you led Leonard to the bed.

“Have a good night Y/N, you know I will.” Your friend said as she was tugging on Jim’s wrist to leave, giving you a wink.

“Have a good night. You know we will too. Maybe we’ll even discuss it next time.” You replied to your friend, giving her a wink in return. Jim and Leonard exchanged slightly worried glances as the two of you parted ways.

Some credit goes to @imoutofmyvulcanmind for general ideas and idea bouncing. ilu<33

This picture wasn’t out with the others. I had to go ask Chris, the photographer about it, and he went through them on the computer and said ‘oh, I know why I didn’t put it out, somebody’s being naughty’.  I clapped my hand over my mouth, thinking maybe I’d smooched Jim too much or something but he winked at me and said ‘oh no, not you’ and handed me this.

I wonder who he was talking about. Must have been Jim.