ilu idiots

howdy it’s tob here and uh i haven’t done blog rates in 84 years so i thought i’d do them again!!

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just a psa: i don’t want to offend anyone with these rates!! it’s just my opinion!! and please don’t send asks asking me to answer yours quicker, this could take me a while depending on how many i get!

“There’s no mission on this shitty planet more important than you. …Now let’s go home.”

If you’re not all over the Kyoukai no Kanata/SNK AU [‘Humanity’s Strongest Family’], you’re missing out, yo. Hop on, all the cool kids are doin’ it :D

To those who do know what the heck I’m talking about- I figured this reunion thingy was needed because dammit, Izumi, you took your parents’ teachings to a whole new level, you brave, noble, self-sacrificing idiot [ilu].

So yeah- happy!Humanity’s Strongest times. Dedicated to Mika, not just because she got me into this insanity and then made sure I wouldn’t leave thanks to the addictive flawlessness of her fics, but also because she’s just that awesome of a person and friend. and RM Senpai, duh.

Art commissioned from the lovely

[And if -for some strange reason- you’re wondering…I headcanon’d the RivaMika age difference at about 10 years. Mikasa had Izumi at 19/20, Izumi’s probably in her early 20s, so you do the math:p ]