ilu huggy bear

A while ago you made a post for me Van and it brightened my day so much because I love you so much. And for my followers this is why i love Van so much

  • she’s my huggy bear, and the jensen to my misha, and my castiel winchester
  • she’s always so happy and it makes me happy
  • have you seen pictures of her she’s really cute ok
  • and she freaks out over deancas headcannon’s with me
  • and I miss her when she’s not on my dash
  • like right now
  • and why can’t i live near you Van so we can cuddle and watch spn and movies together
  • and i need to like girls or turn into a boy so i can just date you (i don’t care if you like someone else right now)
  • and she’s going to be a wonderful teacher because she’s so sweet
  • okay i’m done
  • i’m just going to cry in a corner over van’s perfection

so, someone get me a time traveling delorean since all the angels have fallen so I can go be with her.