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Blade to blade, they were identical. After thousands of hours in lightsaber sparring, they knew each other better than brothers, more intimately than lovers; they were complementary halves of a single warrior.

Fangirl rule #32
When a guy you’re hitting on is acting like a total douche - draw hot fictional guys to ease your anger! (because anger leads to hate, which leads to suffering, if you catch my drift).

Oh, and I’m totally blaming shorelle for this! She draws the best Anakin and SW fanart on tumblr ♥

And apparently, I like making myself sad
BRB, BROTP feels



um, hello,, idk if anyone even notice but i was going on hiatus for awhile bc i feel tumblr has become more and more toxic for my own good. prolly no one will even care but i’m writing this just to inform that i might be prolonging this hiatus indefinitely? i’ll still blog and queue some stuff once awhile and i’ll still check my #mvlfxy tag if anyone even tags me in anything lmao but yeah,,,

i’ll be more active on my sideblog and twitter. mutuals can message me for my twitter @. (i tweet in malay + english)

why do you all follow me i’m a trash blog smh

thanks to the loml olli (@this-is-not-a-forever-home) for the cutest banner ever created bc im an untalented rat and am incapable of basic human functions

i have 500 followers !! thank you all sm !!

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also shout out to the group chats im in:

soft math papis (or pig papis idk anymore lmao)

ilu all sm i honestly don't know what i would do without any of you because you have all been there for me <33 i wish i could meet you all irl bc i would deadass sob 

drarry gc and (idk what to call this gc//what was it’s original name) was it pre-split panic phannies or demon phannies (i sure as hell don’t know lmao)

you all r sm fun and i’m so glad i was put in these gc’s bc ilu all

shitpost-no-kyojin  asked:

Eeek! I can't believe it's your birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (you're officially 69 now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) I'm very aware of the fact that I already wished you happy birthday but as your daughter I must be extraTM, so I'm doing it again. Thank you for being so awesome and sweet and for all the advice you've given me! #lurkersfam Wish you many eggplants and much succ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Have the best birthday ever! <3


       Welcome to my first follow forever! ヾ(=^▽^=)ノ
I recently hit 700 followers and I'd like to say
thank you so much! <3 These people I'm listing are
amazing blogs and I love them to death!
Thank you for making my dash amazing! <3
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It’s pretty hard to believe that it’s been almost four and a half months since I began this blog, and how fast it took off. I started from a place I’d been lingering for years, and finally decided to make a leap of faith from Vlad’s previous incarnation to now. There are many people whom came with me, but I’ve also made friends with a lot new people, and that makes me incredibly happy, as well. It’s been a short journey so far on here, but I’m constantly amazed at what happens, and the awesome things that are to come!

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Hi! This is my very first follow forever in my two+ years of blogging!!!!! And also a huuuge thank you for making my dash a wonderful experience so far. I appreciate all of you, and you make me smile every day. So, here, have a huge list of my favorite blogs and bloggers on this site. You’ve made my stay here truly extraordinary.

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so, I reached 700+ the past couple days and wanted to finally do one of these! It’s been a pleasure being on here for 2 years now and having met so many wonderful people that I just had to shoutout to these following blogs!!

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Aaaa sorry if I left out anyone in this, but i love u all! ;O;

i've been meaning to do one for a while and whooo hey this is sorta kinda late? but it's still the 1st at some places. this is my follow forever. :3

2014 wasn’t a good year or a really bad year for me but these people, these amazing people have made it for me, making my dash pretty and great with graphics and metas and general awesomeness. 

friends  | basically senpais

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I hope all of you will have a great 2015 ahead of you! 


So yesterday I hit 3.4k which is seriously unbelievable! I can’t believe how many amazing and lovely people I’ve met and beautiful creations I’ve seen! it’s incredible how many people have followed me and commented on my graphics! (// ▽ //) it makes me cry your words are so sweet!

what I’m trying to say is thank you so much for following me, thank you for all the beautiful graphics you all make, and thank you for encouraging me with all of your kindness!

so with that said, follow these adorable cuties! (believe me you wont regret it!)

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hey it’s alex archerkageyama here to celebrate christmas/ur winter holiday of choice with the hip trend of follow forevers!! this is actually gonna be only mutuals and hopefully sorta maybe kinda small cause i’m lazy but bolded are my pals!! if it makes you uncomfortable pls let me know and i will take u off/unbold you or whatever the problem is! so anyways here we are

also i’m making this at like midnight o’clock in the morning + i’m sick and feverish rn so i’m bound to have left someone out i’m sorry if u think that’s u it probably is!!

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steve/bucky, regency au

happy faux-historical fluffiness inspired by this wonderful idea and photoset | rated T atm | arranged marriage, british lords, pre-serum steve, bucky barnes is a rakish young gentleman

“Such news,” Lady Sarah Rogers exclaims, reaching for his hand and gripping it, transmitting her excitement. “Such news as we have dreamt for in our hardship. Oh, Steve, beyond a dream!” She brandishes the paper. “Lord Barnes has made an offer for you past all hopes. With his generosity we can afford to keep the estate intact, and all our staff with us, and their children, and their children’s children.”

“Lord Barnes?”

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So let’s ignore that trashbag “”“banner”“” I made with ms paint and get to what this is really about

I’ve made a lot of friends in the last few months since I started becoming an active TMR blogger, so here’s my first Follow Forever, in the spirit of the holidays and the new year, and as a HUGE thank you to everyone who continues to put up with this blog. Ily.

I also have to confess that everyone I follow goes through a long vetting process, so regardless of where you are on here you’ve made tumblr a lot of fun for me and I thank and love you ^^

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[clenches fist] my darlings

(aka, honorable mentions for those a) on whom i have not so secret crushes, b) who have deigned to interact with me at some point and i consider you a friend, c) i really wish i could know better/hope i’ll get to know better even tho i’m too scared and you’re too swag, or d) all of the above)

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