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Honestly?? I love it when people ship themselves with their fave characters. It’s the cutest fandom-related thing i’ve ever seen and i’ll never understand people who think it’s “cringey” or whatever

it also validates my own selfshipping nonsense 

The Handwriting Challenge

Sorry my handwriting can’t make up its own mind and never looks the same… and yes my neatest handwriting is all caps hueueu

Thank you for tagging me @hope-studies you’re the sweetest  (*ノ・ω・)ノ♫

I tag: @stuhhhdy and @virtuositystudy and anyone else who sees this on their dash…. TAG ME i want to see all of yall beautiful handwriting  ⊙ω⊙


its todaayy im getting old now! here comes even more adulthood!

Hope everyone has a good day!! happy birthday to anyone else sharing a bday with me too~!

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"George R.R. Martin’s story is built around the idea that while The System may not embody the values it pretends to, individuals still can." Perfectly stated. "Stannis is every introvert given an extrovert's job. He is everyone who ever wanted to help humanity without, y'know, talking to them, ever." Excellent insight. As an introvert who is very interested in the intersection between individuals, society, and morality, just gotta say that you're on a roll and a real inspiration, PQ!

Well thank you <3



As a form of my appreciation, I hereby shall hold my first art raffle!


  • 1 like/reblog = 1 entry, so if you both like and reblog, you’ll have two entries!
  • For one person, I shall allow entry up to 3 times. This means 1 like+2 reblogs or 3 reblogs at most.
  • Must be a follower! And while I won’t stop you from unfollowing afterwards, well…that’s not very nice, is it? ^^;


All prizes will be drawn in simple background. Preferably drawn from knee and above.

1st place - 2 characters max, colored

2nd place - 2 characters max, B/W

3rd place (2 winners) - 2 characters max, sketch



  • Original characters (depends, though)
  • Ships
  • Mildly NSFW stuffs
  • The following fandoms are preferred, but entries are not restricted to:
    • Fate/Nasuverse
    • Yuri!!! on Ice
    • God Eater


  • Furry
  • Gore
  • Strongly NSFW stuffs
  • Mecha (as much as I’d like to, this is still out of my league)
  • Overly-muscular characters


Entries are open until July 10 16, 2017.

Good luck!

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Hello. I was wondering if you are okay with people tagging you in fics they write. I don't want to force you to read it but I consider you a friend and would love your input. I look up to you as a writer. Thanks!

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YES!!! Absolutely feel free to tag me in whatever you see fit (except anything involving, you know, illegal, racist and/or discriminatory stuff. I think that covers a broad enough spectrum to not need further detail. That’ll earn you a kick in the teeth)

There’s two main problems I encounter on a daily basis however: one, sometimes Tumblr is all like “HEY BISH. YOU GOT TAGGED IN SOME NEAT ASS STUFF BUT LEL, I AIN’T GON’ TELL YEWWwwWWWw,” and then I never see it. And two, my notifications stream is…hoh boy. I can’t keep up sometimes and it frightens me, cause I know there’s art/writing/quality shitposting/questions/FYI’s and everything else that I may miss in the flow of notifications. AND FOR ALL THE STUFF I HAVE MISSED IN THE PAST, I AM SO, SO SORRY! :c
Sometimes I’ll be knee-deep in older posts and I’ll see I’m tagged in it, and my reaction is basically this:

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Okay. Time for some IRL angst, yo. *grumbles, I promised I’d never share this because it’s offering the person who submitted it a gratification and DAMMIT I AIN’T HAVIN’ IT*

Around the time I published Focus, which most of you know was my first really NSFW, full-fledged writing on Tumblr, I decided to tag a few blogs that I’d been following/lurking/liking content from. 

Almost IMMEDIATELY after I posted it, I got this Anon:

And you know what I did? Scurried back and deleted all the tags before the story really began to circulate. Probably the worst way to deal with an ANONYMOUS MESSAGE FROM LITERALLY ANYONE ON THIS SITE. I could have addressed it, could have responded with a remark, could have nipped it in the bud right away.

But I didn’t. I screenshotted it, deleted the message after it sat around in my inbox for far too long, and felt…Really, really horrible about it. 

Because that’s just what some people want, isn’t it? To affect you, deep down. 

But, I didn’t give up. I tagged even more people, and you know what the best thing was to come of it, something that made the amount of notes my posts got seem trivial? 

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You all seriously make my day brighter and better. So, from the bottom of my widdle heart, THANK YOU.

But even to this day, with the multitude of friends I’ve made since joining Tumblr, I get a little pang of nervousness. What if they don’t like it? What if they get annoyed with me tagging them? What if I tag them in something that literally bothers them? I’m human and insecure AF. Sometimes I get the better of it, sometimes I don’t want to leave my bed. VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE.

H’OKAY JAYSUS, I’ve talked way too long for a simple question. The bottom line is:


However! Feel free to follow up with a message. I don’t mind and if anything, it helps me keep track should I get a backlog of reading to ketchup on (which I inevitably have, but I love to have a bunch of your goodies lined up to enjoy) Don’t worry, I don’t bite. 

Sorry again for drawing this out so damn long and wordy. Just had to speak my mind  💜


um, hello,, idk if anyone even notice but i was going on hiatus for awhile bc i feel tumblr has become more and more toxic for my own good. prolly no one will even care but i’m writing this just to inform that i might be prolonging this hiatus indefinitely? i’ll still blog and queue some stuff once awhile and i’ll still check my #mvlfxy tag if anyone even tags me in anything lmao but yeah,,,

i’ll be more active on my sideblog and twitter. mutuals can message me for my twitter @. (i tweet in malay + english)

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Welcome back!! I also missed you. In fact, I was looking at your blog just yesterday, wondering where you had gone and if you'd ever come back *dramatic sob* I'm so glad you're back!

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DUDE! Thank you do much, it feels good to be back! :’)) I’ve been in tumblr for 5 years now and I think I won’t leave this limbo ever, I always keep coming back! But it’s okay, I need my daily dose of gay and fandoms. Oh the feels. Hold me. *sobs* Thanks for not leaving me!

Alright, back to work.

Thanks guys for keeping me entertained for a bit. Back to working on Hypothermia. And for being such good people, here’s a snippet for you guys: 

Humidity. How anybody could survive in such an oppressively humid world was beyond her, Rey grumbled to herself as she whacked at a limp branch obstructing her passage. Takodana’s greenery had once upon a time bewitched her mind, knocking the breath from her lungs as Han Solo had piloted the Falcon into Takodana’s atmosphere. Now it felt like a hot, clammy fist trying to close around Rey’s throat as she tried to work past her exertion and breathe in damp air.

Coming here had been a bad idea.

Just one of your many bad ideas, Rey, she thought, unsure of whether the reminder was meant as a reprimand or as reassurance. She grunted, batting away a giant leaf and sputtering as it swung back, slapping her smack-dab in the face.

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If you went bankrupt and we were expressing our condolences for your misfortune, we would say "poor poor poorquentyn". And if we were commiserating it over a cheap bottle of port and your glass was empty, we would say "pour poor poor poorquentyn some poor port." Just something to think about.

Have I said lately how much I love you people


                  W I T C H C R A F T BY SMALL TOWN CITIZENS.’ 


-Thank you, especially after this weekend I am ON FIRE with ideas lol plus inspired to finish a couple of WIPs. Things I have coming up are: a straight up porn fic (featuring robe and also a TWIST that I’ll keep secret for now), updates to the First Love verse (aka IKEA verse lol), the Pioneers verse and Hunger Games verse, and I’m newly into undercover husband Ren because there’s so much great Hux backstory stuff that’s just come out and that can all work with this verse because Ren/Ben’s backstory is the only AU element there. Thank you for asking!! I was reallyyyyy hoping I’d get a fandom energy boost before the new movie comes out and man this past weekend DELIVERED

-Thank you so much for appreciating these stories!! <3 <3 I may write a sequel to this, yes– I planned it as a one shot but I’d like to write about their reunion times since there is so much UST implied at the end of the fic, over a five year period when they were both longing for each other and hanging back out of pride, fear, and a sense of duty that gets challenged by the events of TFA….

-omg the scrapped drafts ahhh maybe they’re not entirely scrapped? The first one was a porn fic about Hux going to a sex club with masked partners (one of them was eventually Ren ofc) and ahhh god if I can’t make the porn ones work right away they just never will, so it’s unlikely I’ll return to that, but the other THREE I ditched in this past month have a chance of surviving. One of them is an AU about Hux getting twin bro Techie a job as a janitor at his secret weapons research lab (founded by Brendol and Snoke) and Techie therefore meeting Matt, a clone of Kylo Ren the escaped human weapon experiment (this was Sephiroth/Shinra inspired lol), the other was my first attempt at ‘marooned together and having crazy sex!’ fic and I got 9k into it before I realized I was writing an overly long and mostly rehashed (in terms of my own stuff/ideas about them) intro and I could skip it all with a more simplified version (but there are some bits I like and it’s quite different from what I just posted! So maybe I’ll revisit) and the third one was me being so desperate to focus my con-addled brain that I wrote about Hux taking Techie to a big fan convention and the plan was for him to meet Ben in a video room at 4am because Hux and Techie had gotten swindled out of their hotel room but tbh I couldn’t make that work at all, it was just fun as an idea fff. Thanks for the note and for the vote of confidence!! I now feel ready to make the 3.5 months before TLJ comes out the most Kylux Months Ever, let’s go :|||