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REAL NAME:  You can call me Ann
NICKNAMES: Bony-eared assfish 
PRONOUNS:  She/ her
ARE YOU A MORNING PERSON?: I prefer getting up early, but I’m more of a night person. If you greet me before I wash my face, I’ll just awkwardly stare at you… ( Roommate from three years ago, I’M SORRY )
WHEN SWIMMING, DO YOU PREFER TO DO IT IN THE OCEAN,  OR IN A LAKE?:  I’ve stood in both & gotta say neither. It’s kind of embarrassing, but I’m not too sure on how to swim. I have a 50/50 chance of drowning. 
ANYONE YOU WOULD LIKE TO MEET IN REAL LIFE?:  Celebrity-wise or tumblr-wise? I have so many celebs I would love to meet, gotta steal some from their wives & marry them. :’) On tumblr, probably the two people I enjoy talking to the most: @jean-kirschtein-rants & @circumspects
ANYONE YOU HAVE MET IN REAL LIFE?:  On both fronts, no. 
WHEN DID YOU FIRST JOIN?: April 2017 for this blog. For tumblr in general, Oct. 2011. 
YOUR CURRENT ACCOUNT(S)?:  I have a personal full of memes & random stuff from fandoms, @fokal & @mommakirschtein ( HAHA ) with the plans of making another blog for a different fandom, but that’s not definitive yet. 
ANY PEEVES?:  A lot of things. I really hate when you don’t get the prize you wanted from a cereal box. I just wanted a pikipek pokemon trading card. :( It’s so cute. 
UNPOPULAR OPINION:  Dogs > cats. Butterflies are ugly. The letter “x” is awful. A potential rp partner should be judged based on mun, writing & portrayal vs. container theme & formatting. Bacon is gross. Fr.ozen wasn’t that good? Dark chocolate > milk chocolate.  
DO YOU EASILY GET JEALOUS?:  Depends on what about. Academically, yes. Relationship-wise, not really. Rp-wise, not really. 
DO YOU EASILY GET ANGRY?:  The better question would be … am I ever not angry? This is the inner me 24/7: 

Haha, I do have a short fuse, but I don’t always express it. If I’m angry, I don’t shout or hurl names, I just talk sternly & harshly if I don’t manage to walk away to calm down. 

ARE YOU EASY TO CHEER UP?:  Not at all. 
ARE YOU GOOD AT HIDING YOUR EMOTIONS?: I’m bad at hiding annoyance, but I’m usually so good that some people don’t think I have emotions and call me “cold” & “robotic.” SO, I’d say yeah. 
WHAT’S THE VERY BEST WAY TO CHEER YOU UP?: Depends on what upset me, but sometimes helping me get distracted, saying something nice, &/or encouraging ( NOT PUSHING ) me to vent. 
ARE YOU CURRENTLY IN A RELATIONSHIP?: Imaginary relationship with Jean Kirschtein :’) 
DO YOU CURRENTLY HAVE A CRUSH ON SOMEONE:  Lots of celebs & my imaginary boo ^ haha, but not irl, no. 
DO YOU KISS ON THE FIRST DATE?:  Depends. I’m more inclined not to, but it depends. 
DO YOU PREFER GOING OUT,  OR STAYING HOME,  WHEN IT COMES TO DATES?:  I’m a hermit, so I like to stay home, BUT I think dates are better out. I really really love an adventure. Take me somewhere fun. 
FAVORITE DRINK: Taro bubble tea
FAVORITE FOOD:  I’ll name a few ‘cause this is hard: Arepas, blackened salmon, ají picante, pizza, pancakes, & any kind of pasta.    

    so uh.

i. a lot of things happened today , a multitude of which i’m probably not going to explain on here ever , so please don’t ask. ii. college is really taking a toll on me & all my free time , not to mention our band was chosen to visit basically every elementary school in delaware to entertain the kiddos this month. iii. i just quit my job at papa jon’s & i’m currently trying to get a new part time job at the place my sister works or smth.

      i’m really busy & i’m putting this blog on a semi hiatus until things calm down. all threads will be put on hold & i’ll occasionally drop in to clear out all those old ass birthday asks. i’m currently loading up the queue so this blog doesn’t die , but i hope to be back in a week or two.

       feel free to IM me for my discord which is the easiest way to get in contact w. me , & here’s my personal

Manufactured in a Facility That Also Processes Food [Drabble]

heartslogos said: tim and/or jason and cheese puffs bc u r a cheesepuff and ilu

“Are you serious right now,” says Jason, not a question. He’s standing in the doorway to Tim’s apartment, half-out of his jacket. He kicks the door shut behind him, tosses his jacket over the end of the couch. Takes his gun from his waistband and drops it to the kitchen counter.

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