ilu chess

“Hey, kiddo, who’re you texting back there?”

“I’m not /texting/ anyone… I’m trying to adapt an old program to work natively cross-platform on mobile devices, a–”

“Come now, Fujisaki-kun! Don’t you want to see the campus to our brand new school? You’re missing all the sights with your nose in that technology!”

“… [sigh]”


“… Here. I believe this belongs to you. [toss]”

“Uwah! [fumble] What… A… cell phone? It still has just a little battery left… [click]”

-‘Hello! My name is Chihiro Fujisaki! Heh heh… Self-introductions are always embarrassing, aren’t they.’-

“!! I-It talked! And it has my face! … 'Chi-hi-ro’… Is that… my name?”

“… Names are extremely valuable once Jubaba has taken them. You would do well to keep that item close at hand. [turns to leave]”

“Ah, Kyouko! Thank you… [deep bow] Thank you so much! And I, um… I know you’ll remember your real name someday too.”