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I got that good // I got that good good 

Luhan (鹿晗) – THAT GOOD GOOD (有点儿意思)

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marliza and 58 ;~; (ilu bean)

Somethings didn’t last the test of time. Most things, material things, didn’t last long. Things changed, ended, and started again nothing really felt like a forever. Well…almost nothing

The days still came, warm autumn mornings that came before the harsh winter months. These warm, rare days of sun and soft breezes were little treasures. “Ready to head out, love?” Maria called from the kitchen as she packed her tote with a few snacks, her blood pressure medicine and napkins. A lot of napkins.

Time did good things for Maria, she aged gracefully. Wrinkles formed around her eyes, her sleepy look still remained endearing even after fifty years. From the corner of the room, Eliza rolled in with her walker. She had hunched over the years. Tired body and hands finally caught up with the busy body that was Eliza Schuyler-Lewis. Her once dark hair was peppered with long, silvery strands. She looked up through her glasses and smiled whimsically. “Ready as I’ll ever be..oft…”

“Maybe we should get you the chair, dear.”

“The chair will scare the birds, I don’t mind walking.”

Maria shook her head a little, she grabbed her cane and the two were out the door. They waddled close together, to elderly women sporting matching cardigans as they roamed down the busy streets at their own pace. When they arrived at the park Eliza was slightly out of breath, clutching a brown paper bag full of sunflower seeds.

Once they were seated a nearby park bench, Eliza began digging into her bag tossing the seeds at the birds with glee. Maria couldn’t help but watch her smile. That timeless smile. She seemed to withstand the great test of the ages, fifty years strong, and her smile still shined just as bright and loving as the first time they met. Maria smiled to herself, enjoying the day and the view.

Eliza smiled softly as the birds came closer, she turned her head towards her wife of many years and noticed she was staring at her. “What? Did I forget my teeth again?”

“No.” Maria waved her hand a bit. “I was just thinking about how blessed I’ve been to be with you.” She smiled softly.

Eliza shook her head a bit, “Oh love…how you manage to love me as an old crow I’ll never know.”

“I’ve been in love with you my entire life. Ever since the day I first met you.” Maria leaned over and laid her head on Eliza’s small, bony shoulder as her arm shook while tossing seeds at the birds. Maria meant every word, she adored Eliza, every day of every year spent with her was something not even time could age or make mundane.

They sat there. A couple of old lovebirds in the park watching the sunset and the birds fly off after a day of eating seeds. 

“God gave me the greatest gift of them all, more time with you.” Eliza whispered softly as the day turned dark but neither was quite ready to call it a day. 

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I'm the music anon, that was GOLD! (And, omg, i have so much to check out on youtube now). Also, tibetan throat singing i'M DYING loools

I USED TO MAKE REALLY SHITTY MEMES ON MY PHONE WITH IT TO RANDOM CLIPS (like i had synched myself twerking to so many songs just for the fuck of it), AND SO I FORGOT IT WAS IN MY MUSIC LIBRARY RIGHT??
SO IM WALKING TO MY DOWNTOWN ART CLASSES AND THE FULL FUCKING 9 MINUTES OF A THROAT SINGING SONG PLAYS WITHOUT ME EVEN NOTICING. Like i was so focused on getting to class eithin 30 minutes that i just. Let it play. When i realized it I had to sit down and revealuate my whole life up to that point 😭😭😭

Also im glad you liked my hcs! I like to believe that a person’s music taste can vary, even despite their personality LOL


Riki the dork wad (cutie butt) Heropon, checking out some butterflies. He’ll probably beat them up, Riki’s a bamf. Both full-coloured background and the transparent.png dealy-o. B)

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"Do you ever just cry because there’s so many people in this world and you’re never gonna have the chance to love them all" HALEY YOU'RE THE SWEETEST AND NICEST BEAN ILU

:’) thanks man I love you too

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Type 4 crush! Mostly for the lovely arts you make ^^

Djydjgdjgxgdngd my blog is absolute trash even my art lolol thank you ;;-;; precious bean stranger ilu xx

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For the match up thing-I am a bisexual trans boy that is 4'11 (growth problems). I like to keep my hair to my shoulders and have thicc thighs. I'm really edgy but I have a secret side for cute things. I really like animals and I pigs and cats due to me living in a really small farm. I'm really hyper sometimes due to my ADHD but I have bad social anxiety so I'm really anti social. I also really like sharp things, blood, irl gore, and rock/heavy metal. I also have a thing for tall boys. Btw ily!!!

[hope u ok with Poly my love ilu too bean x]

I match you with Roadhog and Junkrat

You and Mako would be all about a joint cute plushie collection, mostly pigs, like one whole wall would be dedicated to cute things which you both hid from Junkrat and his almost always filthy hands. 

You like tall boys? have these two inhuman monsters, they loom over you but you feel safe with them and they are careful of the insane size difference, sometimes Mako will give you Piggyback rides which does make Rat a little jealous but he doesn’t mind.

Both of them have their own obsessions with strange and not such nice things. Roadhog loves his hook and maiming while Junkrat is pretty much married to his work so you’d all work pretty well. If you needed quite time Roadhog would be better company but Junkrat could at least keep up with your energy.