ilu bb :(

so my dashingly wonderful partner in crime @hudders-and-hiddles is having what we call A Really Shit Week, and that’s pretty unfair, so i thought considering all the work she’s done for @thesetison and with her beautiful fics, it was high time for an appreciation post, and there’s nothing better imo than getting down and dirty with somebody’s fics and sending them kudos and comments, so please send some love to leslie and her fics today!!  

of midnight moments and mistletoe: brand new! just posted last sunday, get your holiday feels fix. christmas fluff, first kiss, snow–what’s not to love. 

the joy you longed to know: have y’all heard that leslie is the angst satan. she is. she watches trf like a bedtime story. anyway here is some canon-compliant angst (check the tags) in gorgeous second person pov, along with stunning podfic by consulting_smartass.

Someday: we all just watched TAB and died, right? here are some stolen victorianlock kisses in the back of a cab so you can die some more. featuring: sherlock twirling john’s mustache.

All the separate pieces of us: some of y’all will remember these from tumblr, these were the series leslie did where she asked folks to send her a character and a body part. it was an incredible time to be alive.

Come Home: sexting. classic sexting.

Never Have I Ever: has everyone read this fic? pretty sure? okay. this is John and Sherlock playing never have i ever featuring tension, confessions, first kisses, and a;dlkfjadkjfs;df!!!!! you feel me. 

The things that comfort us: y’all did not really think Sherlock left for two years without even a little piece of John, did you? nah. Sherlock took a jumper. John noticed. 

when the evening shadows and the stars appear: fuckening!!! i die every time i read this one. the tension between John and Sherlock comes to a head, post-Mary, when they go to a wedding.

Someone I Love: the one where Sherlock takes to wearing John’s identity tags around his wrist. read the tags because, as previously established, leslie is the angst satan.

Tomorrow: John gets sad, and Sherlock tries to help. 

Now He Knows: accidental love confession!! virgin sherlock!! extremely gentle john!! now you know to read this one.

between each beat are words unsaid: the epistolary between-the-scenes fic that leslie and I wrote this past year. she was an astounding Sherlock to my John and I am so so pleased that i got to write this one with her. read it before s4! 

✨✨tomorrow will dawn the same as today: leslie’s WIP!! listen. stag night/groundhog’s day fusion. who wouldn’t want to relive the stag night over and over again. well, Sherlock is p fuckin sick of it–until John says something that changes the game.✨✨

there are loads more than just these, but i couldn’t put everything lol so check out leslie’s author page and go exploring!! she’s been a wonderful addition to this fandom, both with setlock and with fic, so give her some love today.


Confession!! I have a real big crush on tumblr user baysalt )*u*(  Which pretty much summerizes this whole year really, hehe. From drawing Wheatleys to making the cross country trip to see each other, she’s given me a heck of a lot to look forward to this year and it’s been great. <3

IN ADDITION to all this, 2012 proved to be pretty amazing in that I had a great job working on the new TMNT, I lost 55lbs, I drew a whole lot, and just had a lot of fun and had a really happy busy year overall. :) Which is all mostly thanks to the love of my life, Niki!! ehehe :3c