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Yaomomo: *is emotional and teary*
Todoroki: *is clueless and is trying to help* IF YOU FEEL NAUSEOUS, THERE’S A PRESSURE POINT ON THE INSTEP OF YOUR FOOT..

modern au

pidge podge is typing…

pidge podge: hey so have any of you guys seen my brother

pidge podge: i haven’t seen or heard from him in like five days

handsome lanceome is typing…

handsome lanceome: isn’t ur brother constantly disappearing like his thing tho lmao

pidge podge: yes but normally i can ask shiro where he is but this time shiro isn’t answering

pidge podge: keith do you know where shiro is

handsome lanceome: i think they are dead

knife gay is typing…

knife gay: probably

knife gay: they’ve been in the basement for the past few days

pidge podge: doing… what

knife gay: breath of the wild. shiro finally caved and bought a switch and now they won’t stop playing it

knife gay: they’ve only freed one divine beast. they’re literally just fucking around the map

knife gay: all shiro does is cook and experiment with ingredients. hes the Worst

hunka dunk is typing…

hunka dunk: well obviously shiro is cooking in the game

hunka dunk: it’s his only chance to experience something he can’t do in real life :(


I got that good // I got that good good 

Luhan (鹿晗) – THAT GOOD GOOD (有点儿意思)

can I just say: I’m so blown away by the number of people on here who are learning german. my entire life I’ve been told by foreigners that it’s an ugly and angry language which I didn’t understand because to me it’s really beautiful. and seeing so many of you interested in it is really nice. I know many people are studying it for economic opportunity or because it’s got a lot more resources than less known languages but it’s still great to see people express such a wide interest in my native language and I hope you know you can always come to me with questions or to practise because it actually makes me very happy to see people doing their best to speak my language with me.

the signs as jaime x brienne quotes
  • Aries: "You want her? Go get her." So he did.
  • Taurus: "For her lady mother's sake. And for yours."
  • Gemini: "Come on, come on, my sweetling. The music's still playing. Might I have this dance, my lady?"
  • Cancer: [A part of her] wondered if Jaime would comfort her should she weep upon his shoulder. That was what men wanted, wasn't it?
  • Leo: "You are speaking of a highborn lady, ser. Call her by her name. Call her Brienne."
  • Virgo: Unbidden, his thoughts went to Brienne of Tarth.
  • Libra: Jaime had come walking through that mist naked as his name day, looking half a corpse, half a god.
  • Scorpio: "If I had a silver stag for every time you said his name, I'd be as rich as your friends the Lannisters."
  • Sagittarius: Absurdly, he felt his cock stir beneath the bathwater.
  • Capricorn: Jaime scrambled to his feet. "My lady. I had not thought to see you again so soon."
  • Aquarius: "I dreamed of you."
  • Pisces: "Blue is a good color on you, my lady," Jaime observed. "It goes well with your eyes." She does have astonishing eyes.

HA weirdness?? oh no, i think we can ALL agree on that statement lol


AaAAA Thank you all so much for 300+ followers!! <3 ;; This is my first art raffle but I’ll probably be hosting more in the future if it goes well !! 


  • You have to be following to enter (and please don’t just follow and unfollow thats rude)
  • Reblog this post to enter - likes aren’t counted so you will only be entered if you reblog :0
  • Please have your asks open - this is so I can contact you if you win 

I’ll be choosing one winner for each prize! Also I cannot draw:

  • NSFW
  • Mecha
  • Furries/anthropomorphic animals (NITW is an exception tho!)
  • Intense gore/violence
  • Anything that makes me uncomfortable

I’m hoping I won’t have to but please be understanding if I deny your request for any of the above reasons!!

If you win, I will contact you by sending an ask into your inbox. Please privately answer it with a detailed description of what you want. If you don’t respond within at least 3 days, I will pick a new winner.

The raffle ends on 5th July 5:00pm (GMT +8), although there’s a slight possibility it may be pushed back. 

If you’d like to see more of my art, here’s my art blog, youtube and twitter - there’s also a transcript of the pictures and more info on prizes under the cut !

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shout out to all muns who write OC’s for having the bravery to put forth their characters and creations for others to see ! all of them have hearts of steel for sticking around and not giving up on their characters, even if sometimes they receive hate or even if they feel like they are being looked over ! thanks to all of you for sticking around no matter what !