a rare personal post appears

This is a PSA (no it’s not but it’s important), I miss my bff, marywisdom. Muchly. The mostest. (Don’t worry, she isn’t dead, I just moved to a different country one and a half years ago.) We still text almost daily, but less now because I’m working full time and that takes up (you guessed it) almost all of my time. x.x Sometimes we skype, but it’s even rarer that we find time for that. I know she’ll always be there, as will I, even though we might never live in the same country permanently again. I love the living-away-from-home kind of life, it’s what I’ve always wanted, it makes me happy. Just sometimes, my heart disagrees with the fact that there’s such a big geographical distance between us.

So, because of this and the fact that it’s also winter right now, my girl’s least favourite time (cold and dark makes her a sad panda (plus, the fact that humans suck and they just won’t cut it out…)), I need to post this post, just to say that I love you lots and I’m sorry that I’m too far away to make you laugh and hug you every day. You are the truest, most genuine human I know and even though I’m sure I don’t know everything there is to know about you yet, I feel like I know you and I see you and we were always meant to meet. What’s more, you seem to see me and you still like me, even after getting to know me. You just give me back a little faith in humanity, because you’re the kind of person I always WANTED to meet and I’m therefore amazed by the fact that you exist (although, it may be a whole conspiracy, watch Dollhouse!). For me, friendship has always been the highest and most important kind of love, because (to me) it just feels tougher and more durable than familial or romantic love. We get to choose our friends and we don’t need to compromise and romanticise them. If we stick together, it’s because we want to and no other reason. I know that I want your razorsharp wit, your pure cinnamon-roll-ness, your completely out-of-this-world capacity for imagination and your genuine, loving, sunshiny-ess in my life until we both expire. We’ll find a way to hang out, even if we live far apart. That’s really one of the only reasons why I’m still participating in stupid capitalism, to make money so I can travel.

I know, deep down, under my cold and messy exterior, I’m a sappy Hufflepuff, but I just needed to say this. And yes, I’ve said it before and I will say it again. :P


If I didn’t understand I was being asked to be best man, it is because I never expected to be anybody’s best friend. Certainly not the best friend of the bravest and kindest and wisest human being I have ever had the good fortune of knowing.


Her hopefulness. I think that was something driving me through the auditions — even though it felt so insanely out of anything that I could’ve imagined, there was something inside of me that was telling me that I could do it, even though I was riddled with doubts and insecurities. So probably that. She’s much more hopeful than I am, and much braver than I am. For a woman who had been alone for such a long time to be so open to what’s going on, and letting journeys happen, and letting relationships happen, I think is really incredible.


Korra Appreciation Week 2015: Day 7 → Tropes
“Whenever I think of her, she continues to inspire me.”