Cranium Rat

While the illithid might not be common across the planes, these servitors of Ilsensine certainly are.  Today, the cranium rat, a pest throughout Sigil and abroad.

A pest across the planes, the cranium rat is a vermin with a secret. A strange sight, these look like nothing more than common rats with the tops of their skulls lopped off, letting their brains pulse out through them. However, cranium rats are in fact the eyes and ears of the god-brain Ilsensine, spread throughout the planes to gain ever more information for the power. Though a few hives do fall out of its control, most notably the Us of Sigil, in general these vermin serve as one of many information-gathering sources for the great deity of the illithid. Few are aware of these origins, however, and even fewer survive to inform others once they discover the truth.

Eater of Knowledge

Today we have a nasty creature; a servitor of Ilsensine, the Eater of Knowledge.

Horrid, disturbing creatures, the eaters of knowledge are the agents of Ilsensine in the greater Outlands and the planes beyond, handling those tasks for which the god-brain does not require the stealth ofcranium rats or the will of the illithid; entering places where Ilsensine cannot otherwise extend its awareness, and collecting knowledge either through observation, or by harvesting and incorporating the brains of others into its form. At times, they are even sent against the illithid themselves, serving as living weapons against any that may have displeased Ilsensine.


The god of the illithid, Ilsensine’s a major figure, yet oddly enough has never really seemed to have played a major role anywhere.  Somewhat odd, I’ve always thought.

Though it may seem strange that a largely antitheistic race such as the illithid have a patron power, Ilsensine not only exists, but is one of the most powerful and terrifying forces in the Outlands. Innumerous people have been lost in the caverns of this massive brain, and its reach stretches throughout the multiverse thanks to both its illithid servants and the cranium rats that serve as its eyes.