Dark, Disdainful Deities: Kiss the Tentacle

By Ken Hart

Cthulhu, powerful aboleths, and creatures from Beyond—what they have in common is an inhuman attitude toward life, as well as thought processes and motives that are hard to fathom. 

What we do comprehend is that they don’t like mortals, unless possibly as appetizers. 

Yet in mythology, fiction, and roleplaying games, such beings are worshiped as gods by deranged, fanatical cults. 

Many of these cultists act covertly to corrupt influential people and institutions, paving the way for widespread subversion or invasion.

What if such cultists were not covert about it? 

Faiths based on bizarre creatures of the Elemental Chaos or the Far Realm may well dominate the mortal world, while worship of the astral gods is limited to secretive cults.

Divine heroes who revere alien entities might not always be evil, but they’re certainly a little strange…

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Closed RP Starter @Althithid

Many years have passed since all of this has began… Agengi contemplates its small domain from a tower balcony, watching a few of the illithid mercenaries it directs and has either recruited or saved as younglings from their stiffling cities. All of these misfits either had the personalities which would never be tolerated by usual illithids or a much too different appearance, or even were born sorcerers who had no choice in that matter. And now there were twenty four illithids in total living here…which may not seem like a large number but it was, considering the race…
  The original tower was now surrounded by several shorter ones as well as buildings carved into the cavern wall. Below the more evident buildings secret passages had been dug and carved out with living quarters and studies, libraries, training rooms, pools for washing and pools for the tadpoles from this small community.

One large underground room housed the ‘temple’ attended by the three resident clerics with alcoves for the different gods those here followed. A shrine to Ilsensine , Oghma, Mystra, so on and so on. There was even one for Maanzecorian, a dead power. But for reasons unknown youngsters who should have no idea about the dead illithid deity choose to worship it…perhaps it is not so dead after all? That or they were more addled then Agengi thought.

Agengi heads away from the balcony and down the stairs stroking one of its newer longer tentacles in though, one of a pair of additions achieved with the help of an alchemical solution. After said acquisitions It has discovered that there is not much difference beyond outward appearance and power between an illithid and ulitharid as it is now quite commonly assumed to be the latter of the two, and neither did it correct anyone…. Besides aesthetics the two were extremely useful in battle when needed.

Non the less, ending its pondering and wandering past Ordel teaching a bunch of new 'recruits’ who are sitting around him in a semi circle, Agengi goes to find Althi. There is a task that needs to be done.