Nacheez has a television commercial! How exciting and super adorable, right? Do you want to know more? We asked Ilsa Hess, Nacheez chef and creator extraordinaire, all about it!

Vegansaurus: How did this come to be and when do we get to see it on our airwaves?

Ilsa: The Sacramento Art Institute contacted me out of the blue and said they were starting their commercial video production class and wanted the students to work with actual businesses to get a real-life experience. So, they contacted about eight different small and local small businesses and I was one of them!

Right before we started meeting the students, the professor came to me and said that he had given the students a pop quiz. The student who got the highest score was able to pick the biz they wanted to work with. The winner chose Nacheez! I was so flattered!

Samuel Platz (the winning student) and I sat and talked Nacheez…. He shot the commercial, created the music and graphics, had a budding voice-over professional read the voice-over, and local budding actors be in the video. When I saw the end product, I was blown away yet again! He treated me with the utmost professionalism but was also very friendly at the same time. I recommend him to anyone who needs a great TV commercial. I’m holding off to air my TV commercial until I’m in more stores across the country. I’m hoping with some more exposure, that can happen soon!

Got that everyone? We gotta get Nacheez in more stores so Ilsa will air her commercial! Do it! Demand Nacheez at your local vegan-friendly supermarket! Also, buy it where it’s already available (Rainbow, Vegan Essentials, Nacheez) cause it’s goooooood.

Product review: medium-spicy Nacheez!

Great news, vegan cheese-lovers–Nacheez innovator Ilsa Hess has added a new flavor to her line of nacho cheese sauce! What was once only available in spicy or mild is now accessible in a medium spice level. I was generously sent a couple of jars to sample, one of which was simply heated up and poured atop tortilla chips immediately after I ripped the package open–delicious!

For the second jar I wanted to be a little more creative, as my first impulse was to eat it with a spoon over the sink. I’d been meaning to make the Nacheez banana empanadas for about a year, but to be real, it has sounded a little too eccentric for my taste.

I did make the empanadas, and though it is a funky combination of flavors, they’re actually really tasty! The sweetness of the bananas combined with the tang of the Nacheez is an eclectic harmony! Next time I think I’m gonna skip the work of shaping empanadas (okay fine, I really made calzones) and just make a pizza. That way the bananas, uncovered in the oven, will caramelize to their fullest potential (or at least until the pizza dough is nicely browned on the bottom).

Even if banana-Nacheez pizza isn’t your thing, you can enjoy medium Nacheez in a variety of different ways, like my personal fave–a chili cheese dog!

Medium Nacheez is available for purchase directly from

Spencer's online market carries artisan vegan products!

You know we love Spencer’s Market, but do you? Here’s a new reason: They just picked up my girl Ilsa’s tasty product, Nacheez!

Spencer’s Market looks like an awesome place to obtain new, gourmet vegan food products. When you set up an account, which only takes a few seconds, you can check a box that ensures you view only vegan products. You can also check other dietary needs, like gluten- or nut-free! Let’s eat some artisan vegan snacks and then brag about how fancy we are. Deal?

Rumor has it that there may be a new flavor of Nacheez out in the near future!

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Never Felt Better in Sacramento is open! Again!

I have never felt more inclined to take a road trip to Sacramento as I have in the last few months. I just had the pleasure of meeting Ilsa Hess (Nacheez fame) and she assures me that Sacramento has tons to offer one of the vegan persuasion. Rumor has it that she may be working on a bike map specifically made for vegans, of all the best places to hit up via the bicycle.
In other news, Never Felt Better has reopened its doors at a new location, and it looks lovely! I want to shop there! Take me to Sacramento, baby!

Not only do I want to be there, right now, I’m also wondering if Jen of NFB can decorate my apartment? SO CUTE.

Jen explains, “With the addition of vintage, we still have tees, accessories, belts, wallets and cookbooks. Plus we carry Tree Wool vegan accessories! We are working on getting our grocery section bigger and better too. It’s a soft open with a grand opening to be announced.”

She’s also looking for more vendors for clothing on consignment by vegans in Sacramento or the Bay Area! Get in touch at

The new location of Never Felt Better is in Midtown: 1910 P St. Sacramento, Ca 95811.

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