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Overwatch Comic Dub - He Forgets

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First, thank you @aeinmaterial for tagging me is this challenge. I do love to participate in the community! That said, this was hell to figure out…..

According to the instructions, I picked my Top 10 biases (I choose to do it kdrama based only) and randomly pitted 2 against each other.

Here are the results:

Ji sung vs Park Seo-joon: The Oppa Love Fight!
Why choose when these two love each other as much I love them? They even won Best Couple (that’s right) for their awesome and hilarious performances in Heal Me, Kill Me (MBC) back in 2015.

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Yoo Yeon Suk vs Seo In Guk: The Reply Showdown!

Fine, I will choose in this one… and I will have to go with Seo In guk. As much as I love Yoo Yeon-suk and his ever growing career, Seo In guk has a special place in my heart thanks to his boyish charm and killer three piece suit look.

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Jung Kyung ho vs Jung Il woo: The Heart Eye’s Dilemma!

GAH! As much I love Jung Il woo’s heart eyes when he’s on a romcom, I will choose Jung Kuyung ho. For starters, and from a career point of view, I like the choices Jung Kyung ho does much better than Il-woo’s, who I wish went for more diverse work in recent years.

That said, Jung Kyung ho also has an undeniable charm and amazing smile that will make the coldest heart melt. From mafia boss to single father and redeemed entertainer, he is a true chameleon!

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Choi Siwon vs Nam Joo hyuk: The Choco-abs Dynasty!

How can I forget Choi Siwon and his surprisingly growing career as an actor that has proven he is more than just a pretty face or choco abs. And I can talk about this all night long, Siwon did good work in his two last kdramas. 

So, I’m picking Siwon over Nam Joo-hyuk, only for the reason that the latter is still new to the scene. But I have great hopes for Nam Joo-hyuk after his work in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo, which was one of the best dramas of 2016.

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Park Hyungsik vs Jo Jung suk: the Skilfull Oppa conundrum!

I have been following Jo Jung suk career and I always thought he was good, although it wasn’t until Jealousy Incarnate (2016) that he really won my heart. I also adore he loves working on musicals and jumps at any chance to dance.

But my hearts tells me is Park Hyungsik who I should be talking about because I love him. To pieces. AS AN ACTOR. Just to make things clear, I have never heard one song by ZE:A, but I have always been impressed by his acting skills even when he was relative new to the scene. I see a good future for him in Dramaland and I couldn’t be more excited about his first lead role in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon!

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I SURVIVED!!! And now I pass on the challenge to @lavenderbyun @leeskyung @joowons @dingax and @gimme-a-chocolate. Have fun!


INKTOBER - [Day 5] => One Piece

Ok so I didn’t intend to draw another One piece drawing right after my Sanji one, but apparently it’s Law’s bday today?? And I forgot about it ???
So here have some cake and cute crew members _(83_ -)_

Send one for my Muses reaction to yours,

🛌=Sneaking in bed with them.
☢=Falling on top of them.
❤=Telling them they love them.
✘=Hugging them.
Δ=Trying to act seductive.
⭐=Buying them flowers.
✂=Threatening them.
☮=Randomly kissing them.
♣=Discovering them crying.
💓=Listening to their heartbeat
✿=Giving them a Rose.
🖐=Picking them up.
•=Hugginh them from behind.
♛=Caught reading their journal.
👀=Caught staring.
♘=Pinning them against a wall.
📸=Being found shirtless.
▤=Falling asleep on them.
💙=Complimenting them.
🎈=Offering a place to stay overnight.
⇕=Holding their hand.
🍲=Caring for them while il

Please do it! I’m bored and I love rp memes!

my rw///de opinion of the day: i literally cannot hate the white fang. like…canonically people used to run the faunus out of villages and sometimes lynch them? and in the modern age they’re still exploited in dust mines and discriminated against? i really can’t hate them for using/condoning violence to not get lynched and pushed around and treated like subhumans 


But already my desire and my will
were being turned like a wheel, all at one speed,
by the Love that moves the sun and the other stars.

Dante, Paradiso XXXIII


Blanche-Neige et les Sept NainsSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Blanche-NeigeSnow White
(un) dessin animécartoon
(un) conte de féesfairy tale
(une) princesse princess
(un) princeprince
(la) méchante reine evil queen
(une) belle-mèrestep-mother
(une) sorcièrewitch
(un) chasseurhuntsman
Prof Doc
Timide Bashful
Simplet Dopey
Dormeur Sleepy
(un) cœurheart
(une) pommeapple
(un) naindwarf
(une) malédictioncurse
(le) miroir magiquemagic mirror
(un) puitswater well
(un) vœuwish
(une) forêt forest
(un) cercueil de verreglass coffin
(une) chaumière cottage
(une) tâche ménagèrecleaning task
(un) baiser d'amour sincère true love kiss

« Miroir magique au mur, qui a beauté parfaite et pure ? » — “Mirror, mirror, on the wall - who is the fairest of them all?”
« Il était une fois … »“Once upon a time …”
« Ils vécurent heureux et eurent beaucoup d'enfants. »“and they lived happily ever after.”