Yes go ahead and do your own thing but just remember every second that you’re set free i’m set free too. I’m not going to slow down because you need your own time. You have a life well hell i’ve been neglecting mine since the day I met you. So there you go, go run free but i’ll be running just as fast as you but in the opposite direction and I won’t worry long enough to turn back to make sure you’re not calling my name.

romantic? undoubtedly.

hopeless? never. 

you’re hand in mine?

hands clasped together.

no matter the distance

that i place between

your perfect love

bridged our extreme

i shall return

back to the place, i call my home

i shall return

back to the place, i call my own

cuz that’s where my heart is…

This is my “don’t fake on your New Year’s Resolutions” face. I’m watching you. 😳 Except not really, because I have my own resolutions to worry about! They’re listed in a previous photo. Don’t give up on whatever goals you may have- whether it’s to gain a second job or lose a second chin, be less passive aggressive or to be more assertive. You can do it if you believe you can. Take it a moment at a time- those moments turn into full days and before you know it, you’ll be changed hopefully for the better. Let it fall into place, but make sure to keep a strong mind with whatever you do. First resolve to keep a resolution. Step one complete. 👌 #nye #newyears #newyearresolution #fitfam #gnc #imwatchingyou #iseeyou #selfie #angryface #iloveyouthough #fitness #fitblr #getfit #gethealthy #nutrition #weightloss #losingweight

iloveyouthough asked:

NICE THOUGHTS CHALLENGE! You have to write 5 things you like about yourself and send this to 5 of your favorite followers! :)

lol thanks Bree.

1. I strive to do what’s right.

2. Can’t nothing kill the hope I have in what the future holds.

3. My imagination be overactive than a mf.

4. I do what I can to help other people.

5. I try to spread positive energy as much as possible.