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"I see you've come out of hiding. How dare punish my brothers and I when you do the same with David?"

“I’ve punished a lot of people over the years I’ve been alive. Most of it.. is not unjustifiable. I know.”

“So what’s your point?”

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Hey I just discovered your page and I'm super excited about your e-book since I'm trying to really change my eating habits once I graduate! I was just wondering if you identify what are the cheapest and simplest ingredients and meals in your book somehow? I feel like it could be really helpful for people who are on a budget or even people who just don't have a lot of money period but want to try and eat healthier you know? Good luck on the launch btw! I wish you the best!

Hi lovely! Thank you! in fact I have a section about all the items in my pantry and a list for people on a budget. For instance, rice, potatoes, greens, etc. And then I have a section about the beauty of investing in superfood powders, which last in my pantry/fridge months and the benefits are quite amazing! For instance my acai powder, I’ve had it for over 3 months now and got it for $15, and the benefits from it are quite frankly amazing, especially if you are planning on buying conventional produce vs. organic. More coming in the ebook :) ✘

Beautiful Day with Aalliyah :)

Went to steak and shake

Cleaned bunny cages

Watched fireworks

Got a free funnelcake

Got Circle K slushies

Watched the storm

Tumblr…… a lot….

She photoshopped me into a nebula

Watched “The Holiday”

Cried about shitty things

Went outside for the sunrise

Played on a playground while the sun rose


it was one of the coolest days eveeerrr thank you Aalliyah :) I love you, darling!

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NICE THOUGHTS CHALLENGE! You have to write 5 things you like about yourself and send this to 5 of your favorite followers! :)

lol thanks Bree.

1. I strive to do what’s right.

2. Can’t nothing kill the hope I have in what the future holds.

3. My imagination be overactive than a mf.

4. I do what I can to help other people.

5. I try to spread positive energy as much as possible.