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Just started to learn Japanese, so this blog is extra appealing to me! :D Any hints or tips for an absolute beginner? :)

Good luck!
Learning the alphabet is the key first step.
But don’t (if you can) learn one thing then focus on another thing. I always tell people to learn as if you were a native Japanese (or relearning English). You pick up various vocab and grammar along the way.
If you scroll down to the stroke order charts I made here, there’s vocab at the end of each one that you should be able to read once you’ve mastered that row of kana.
When I was in highschool with my first Japanese class, sensei gave us a set of vocab to use with the first three rows of hiragana.
One thing that’s really helped me too is kanji. Because I can read it, it makes learning other material so much easier. I used to use read the kanji so often. (now not so much). but some people are afraid to learn kanji because it’s “difficult”. And I get where they’re coming from but once you tackle the kanji beast, it makes picking up new vocab so much easier. Because you’ll start to pick up which kanji are used in what word and how one kanji with another makes another word and so on. (if that makes sense. ha)

For grammar, Tae Kim’s guide is my absolute favourite. The way he sets it up and explains everything is very easy to understand.

Feel free to shoot any questions at us in the future (:
I hope this helped

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edit and as was brought up yesterday, When you get more advanced and start writing your own sentences, you can go there and write a mini blog or whatever you want and native Japanese will correct your grammar and show you the right way.