Let me slap your face with this one hard and obvious FACT: Life is not easy. It never was and never will be.

From the smallest troubles to the biggest issues - everyone gets a taste of life’s daily dose of challenges and by the term everyone, it means no one is an exception. We all experience downfalls every once in awhile. This is why the true problem isn’t really about relationships or priorities or finances or all those whatnot. The real deal is all about attitude. People tend to let things get the better of them. Every minute of ever hour, every hour of everyday; not one passes without a complaint.

There are those people who find it hard to be happy, who find it hard to get rid of stress, who find it hard to even smile. and it’s because they let pressure consume them completely. On the other hand, there are also people who have this sunshiny-bright-side atmosphere, who, in spite of all the crises going on around them, still find reasons to celebrate and appreciate life. Happiness is a choice, and that’s what they chose.

GM NI JULIENNE (iloveyoulullaby)

“Nung tinaas mo kili-kili mo, napakanta ako.
"I’m still alive but I’m barely breathing..”
sarili kong joke, sarili kong tawa. ANG SAYA SAYA.“

Samahan kita tumawa Love =))))


He’s unrelenting. Even when my mother didn’t approve at first, never gave him the slightest glance whenever he came over and greeted and smiled, even when the world kept spinning faster just waiting for us to lose our balance, he didn’t give up. He’s just there. Striving to prove himself worthy in my mother’s eyes. Waiting for me. Always, always, waiting for me.

I know what’s coming, and I won’t take part in what will only destroy the life I’m trying to rebuild for myself. I don’t want to go back to that past life. I’m done with that shit. Silence means I have better things to think about. Fight if you will, but just leave me be.

I think I need a friend, but maybe I’m just tired.

Am I Okay?

No, I’m not okay. There are so many thoughts buzzing through my head that I can’t even concentrate. I feel so horrible it hurts to smile, so I can’t fake it, not today. I’m trying so hard to hold in all these tears that are waiting to burst out. I want to scream. Yeah, I’m just tired.


That’s a really tough question, love. But you really have to answer: “Which course do you love more?” Not like. Love. It’s already hard to survive in UP as it is, and the course you plan to take adds to that. But if you really love PolSci more than any other course in the world, go for it. Just consider all factors: the daily fare, distance from home, assignments/requirements, campus size (are you willing to endure long walks from building to building between your subjects?), free time, pressure, and such. Plus my friend from UP said once that she barely has any friends. But you can always keep in touch with your friends in St. Jo :) On the other hand, though, if you stay where you are, you have a bigger chance of shining. SJC has a small college, though I’m sure they give a lot of opportunities there. (If they don’t, you can find opportunities yourself). As for me I chose to stay where I am even though it’s not a big university because I have bigger chances here. And I want to make the name of my school known through me :) (Ambitious little thing, eh?) UP is a very big world on its own, and it’s a very tough climb to the top. I’m not saying you shouldn’t transfer, I’m just saying that quote I heard somewhere: “Bloom where you are planted.” :) Now if you REALLY, MADLY, PASSIONATELY love PolSci and will do anything just to study that course, then by all means transfer. But prepare for harder obstacles. I really can’t answer your question. It’s yours to deal with. All I can do is make both sides clearer for you. It all comes down to perspective, love. :) Mind and heart meet halfway.