Ok I’m tired of all this drama about Justin and Selena being back together. I’m tired of seeing posts everywhere. but it’s Justin’s PERSONAL life not “oh I’m going to tell the whole world if I’m dating Selena.” Justin WON’T tell us if he’s dating anyone let alone Selena. Think back to when they first started dating…none of them TOLD us they were dating. We had to GUESS. And then Selena started to get a shit ton of hate. Do you really think Justin will tell us if he’s dating her? No. He won’t. And to be honest, I don’t give a fuck if he is or isn’t. IF they are, we all know how it’ll turn out anyway. Just leave them both be. || Ok rant over thanks for reading if you did 😊 goodnight 💕 { } by biebers_girl194 via Instagram

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