Let’s party! I LOVE YOU BABY!!

Oh, I just watched Frozen Fever and came back from the theatre! And oh, my god, the whole thing was so downright freaking adorable.

The people in the movie theatre really went crazy when suddenly the frozen title appeared and even applauded at the end! Some of them, well perhaps a lot of them did’nt expect this Frozen short in front of Cinderella.

I love those dorky characters so much, and the more I see of them, the more I love them. I don’t care what anybody thinks, but I’m so happy they will give these characters a sequel! And I’m also happy that they gave everyone enough screentime and not only focusing on Olaf, like they originally planned. Kristoff is the reason why I love Frozen so much and therefore I was so happy they gave him more screentime than I expected. All these cool moves, lovely face expressions. I still need time to handle all those new impressions. Kristoff, Olaf and Sven togehter are just a perfect comedy trio. Apart from all the crazyness I also loved how the sisters cared for each other.

And of course I loved Kristoff’s spontaneous “I LOVE YOU BABY!”declaration.

Imagine Kristoff suddenly singing “Can´t take my eyes off you” by “Frankie Vallie and the four seasons”instead of “Making today a perfect day”, taking Anna’s hand jumping on a table and dancing like crazy dorks!


PS: Dear espanholina I haven’t forgotten to do a picture of the dolls where Kristoff carrys Anna in his arms. I’m just looking for a good background.

And to minnothebunny: I will definitely never stop taking picture with them! I just hope I will soon find time to draw real Kristanna fanart, like I used to.