When I looked back on 26, my first (depression induced) thought was “man I sucked.. I didn’t do shit, I’m not where I want to be, I don’t feel good about myself… ”

But then I ACTUALLY thought about what I did this year….. 

and holy fuck, my year was awesome. 

-visited SF for the first time
-got a new job
-made so many new friends
-went to so many parties
-went to PAX East
-put pink in my hair
-went to the Salton Sea & Salvation Mountain
-went to DISNEYLAND!
-ANOTHER trip to SF!
-Went to E3
-Went on amazing FL family vacay
-Fell in love with summer shandy
-Got a 2nd new job!
-Put purple in my hair
-Went to PAX Prime
-Fell in love with Whiskey
-Went to REN FAIRE!
-Live streamed for 15 hours straight
-Went to Pittsburgh for the KBMOD LAN & Girls weekend <3
-Watched 20 hours of Harry Potter in 2 days
-Ate a pig’s cheek

I also cried an unfathomable amount of times, laughed so hard, fell down a few times (like actually just straight up tripped on my own feet and metaphorically “fell & got back up yada yada”) drank a LOT, ATE a LOT, cried a lot… wait I already said that.

On top of everything I made so many new friends and made so many irreplaceable memories with truly amazing friends and family and internet strangers. I freakin love you all, thank you for being in my life and loving me back.

ugh i am crying again. typical

THANK YOU all so much for your love and support! 😘❤️😘 Over 3 years I have been at this, and I honestly wasn’t sure I would even still be here after so long when i began, but it’s become such a strong passion of mine. Thank you to all of the friends I have made, the kind people I have met or had a lovely conversation with, and to those who have shown support in even the tiniest way ❤️ I decided to share an awkward and maybe a little embarrassing video of old and even unseen footage from over the years (channel link in bio). Thank you 😘 | #booktube #littlebookowl #bookstagram #iloveyouall

So I hit 200+ followers recently so here’s a crappy Kevin drawing!!! This is my first time doing a follow forever but here it goes! Sorry if I miss you (i still love you bby)










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Here’s to 200+ followers and 200 more! ヘ( ̄ω ̄ヘ)

The other day, my mom’s purse was stolen out of our car. Every last penny we had to our name, plus other irreplaceable valuables were in that bag. We called the police and made a report, but they told us there was nothing they could do. We are extremely low income, and my mom is struggling immensely (especially now) to make ends meet.
I usually hate asking for money, but we are desperate. Our house payment is due soon and if we can’t come up with the money we will lose that as well.
Anything - $5, a reblog - helps. You can donate here
We are ever grateful and you can be sure that all kindness will be passed on!
Thank you for your time.

(idea from the amazing spyshacks <3) 

Okay yoooo this is the time of year that i care about everyone and be kind and shit.. I am so glad i met all of you and i am happy that i am in this survivor community so ya… here are them amazing people.

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Happy Valentines Day to you all!!!!! I want to thank everyone here in tumblr who post Tmnt edits and art!! nodelinquent tmntconfessions tmnt tmnt-girl leorailove karai-will-cut-you karai-tmntfan massivefangirling mighty-mutants lexininja liv-loves-tmnt meinangel and Many more tumblr accounts!!!!! I love you all!!!!!