we hate our bodies, but we aren’t actually a body, we’re a spirit/soul, inside of a body, so why be mean to what holds us?? Its not us, its just protecting us and making us capable of communicating with earthly beings, yet we hurt, hate and abuse it. If you wouldn’t do it to your friend, why would you do it to your cute lil body? Dont be mean to it, it doesn’t mean to make you sad, it’s just trying to help you live and enjoy earth

I need your help...

Hello there! I need your help again! (I’m so sorry)! 
I’ve been trying to be more productive etc, but I’ve been procrastinating for 2 weeks now, I wake up at 1pm every day, I sleep at 1am every day and I know this is not healthy! I haven’t studied for almost 1 month! I’ve been trying to wake up at 8am, but I just can’t. // So I’m going to restart the 100 days of productivity challenge when school starts (the first of september! // Can you guys PLEASE give me some tips to wake up earlier and to do some schoolwork and to stay healthy etc.?

In case you haven't heard it during the holiday season

I love you
Your gender is valid
Your sexuality is valid
You are important
Yes I would care if you killed yourself
Yes things will get better
I believe in you
Your hair/clothing/body parts don’t define you or your gender
You look beautiful
Yes this is reality
Your mental illness doesn’t define you and it is valid
A victim is not to blame for their attackers choices
You’re gonna go far kid
Good job

Have a safe and happy holidays
-mommy Natalie

Long Overdue Favorite Simblr’s List ♥

in noooooo particular order… (kind of)

@qdogsims , @blewis50 , @ebonixsimblr , @jackie7sims@streetxsims , @simsinluxury@uniquely-khaotic , @sheplayswithlifeee , @shespeakssimlish , @simblrlifeofchele@xmiramira@simsbyskye , @simmersomething , @simsimmajay , @cinamun@ghettosims@highbonita , @minazia@envugh@ajoya-sims , @alainavesna@simmindipity , @blvck-life-simz , @applekissims​ , @lowkeysimblr​ , @lilsisterg , @cleversimblr@simminglifeyesgawdhunty , @yayasimblr , @simplykitab@sincerelyasimmer , @worldstarsimblr@somethingices , @jcimblr , @youngsimblr@simsofapt10 , @zurialove@flowerchamber @whitedotsims , @lindseyxsims@brendantheesimmer8900 , @sssvitlans , @akarisimmer , @akaisims@calisimgirl , @qtsimblr@sim4areason@shesasimmer23 , @juicysims , @infisim , @jamaurya , @trinisimmer@galfromrio , @charsims , @suebarr753 , @ilovesaramoonkids , @pocacvntas , @lagoonknowles , @blackmojitos , @foxy-sims , @sims4bymia , @rainydaysimblr , @bellaisadellima , @dat-one-simblr , @simojenn , @denver1974 , @cyberqueen13@digitaldollies , @pixelbitchie , @pixelatedthots , @sweetnovember77 , @averagesimblr@miss-mocha , @inabadromance@bebebrillits4cc@tajsiwel , @blacklily-s , @missparaply@missparaply , @yosimmy , @simminglychic , @erinthesimmer , @cookies-dough , @blacksimzmatter , @ashsimplysimming , @starlord-sims , @dreamteamsims , @thesimsjamaica , @eyemythsims , @galacticsimblr , @missfortunesims , @sul-sul-nooboo , @rinvalee , @psychoticcoven@iwikedsimblr , @rachelssimstuff , @drewshivers , @onyxsims , @circasim , @simsvip

damn , i’m sure it’s a lot of people missing on this list… but I love y'all too. 

Last one before bed. Thanks all you beautiful people for motivating me day in day out! I truly wish you all a world of happiness and success.
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Fave blogs long list:

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150 Followers Thank You Gift

Hey everyone,

I’m pretty close to 150 followers, and I’ve been trying to think of something to make you guys, so I finally figured it out.

Introducing the Sassy Trait.

Description: These sims are bold and full of spirit. As confident sims they never get sad or embarrassed. These sims gain charisma and comedy x2 times faster than normal sims and are a hit in a room full of people.

Additional Info: Social and fun skills decrease slower and increase faster. 

*If you had previously downloaded this trait please redownload it so it works with the 6/4/16 patch.

Download: Google DriveSimsfileshare

Thank you all so much for taking the time to follow me, and thanks Zerbu for all your awesome work on the trait factory.

Hate that I love you pt.2

You lay in your warm bed; panting heavily with flushed cheeks. Your heart was racing and your head was throbbing at the speed of light. James sat on the other side of the bed in an attempt to avoid eye contact with you. Anger surged through your veins as you tried to control yourself from exploding. Heavy silence surrounded you as his guilt shone through his tense body language. What was passionate, steamy intercourse quickly turned into a turning point in your relationship. It was clear that James’ intentions were not always as clean as they were now. 

“I know you are angry my dear but-” 

James started but you angrily cut him off. You were having none of his lies or bullshit today. You rose your voice and spoke venomously. 

“Save it for someone who cares James…I can’t believe you!”

 You got up and marched around the room; picking up your clothes. You felt James’ hands on your waist and you grit your teeth in anger. He whispered how he was sorry but you just wiggled out of his grasp and began to get dressed.

 “I’M SORRY!” 

You flinched in surprise at the sound he produced.It was feral and insanity seemed to seep from the two words. It was sincere sounding but was so angry at the same time. James scarily sauntered  towards you with his teeth baring and eyes twinkling with craziness. 

“I’m sorry about all the lies Y/N but you have to understand. Once I got a true taste of you I- I couldn’t go through with it…I couldn’t kill you!” 

He spoke in a low, dangerous tone before letting out a humourless chuckle. Fear overcame you as he brushed a stray lock of hair behind your ear. He looked at you like a piece of meat and licked his lips lustfully. James then grabbed you and pushed your small frame even closer to his muscular form so there was no space between you.

“You’re just so…intoxicating my love! Seductive yet so timid- even I could not hurt such an exciting specimen.” 

James whispered as he stared into your wide eyes. Tears were beginning to form and he let out a deranged cackle. He wiped your wet cheeks in a mocking manner and squashed you against his chest; stroking your hair. 

“Stop it James…please you’re scaring me!” 

You pleaded in a weak voice. You knew what he was capable of and did not want to annoy him further. At this point tears were streaming down your face and dripping down onto his bare chest. His heartbeat was fast and sharp; like the fluttering wings of a caged bird and you knew you were trapped.

“Y/N I love you…and I know you want to leave but I am afraid…that cannot happen.”

A sudden feeling of terror possessed you as you realised what he meant. Just at that moment, James pushed you down onto the hard wooden floor and banged your head against it. Pain shot up you and you let out a blood curdling scream. 


Your head felt heavy and and you could feel crimson pour out.


Red liquid covered your face and dripped into your eyes;mixing with your tears.


The pain began to fade out and your vision blurred. A ringing noise started to play in your ears.


Your vision began to blur as darkness overcame you.


You died.

I’m really sorry about how late these imagines are being posted honestly but I’m really trying. I’m going through a more depressive state so it’s so difficult to get up and get things done. I would like to formally apologise to the requester but also dedicate this imagine to the amazing mrmarchswife and Thecrystalwitherspoon who have helped me tremendously come to terms with my bipolar. I love you guys so much and words cannot describe how much I value each and everyone of you. If anyone ever wants to talk about their problems I’d be more than happy to listen. The 3rd chapter of this imagine will be posted tomorrow and that a PROMISE! -Love Mavis xxx

THANK YOU all so much for your love and support! 😘❤️😘 Over 3 years I have been at this, and I honestly wasn’t sure I would even still be here after so long when i began, but it’s become such a strong passion of mine. Thank you to all of the friends I have made, the kind people I have met or had a lovely conversation with, and to those who have shown support in even the tiniest way ❤️ I decided to share an awkward and maybe a little embarrassing video of old and even unseen footage from over the years (channel link in bio). Thank you 😘 | #booktube #littlebookowl #bookstagram #iloveyouall

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It depressing to watch such an amazing series come to an end. Thank you Naruto for teaching me that to never give up on those who hold a special place in our hearts. Thank you Sakura for teaching me that being born without any special abilities shouldn’t limit what we achieve in life. Thank you Sasuke for teaching me that redemption and forgiveness is available to anyone if we really want it. My OTPs might not have ended up together, but I won’t hate because their children are beautiful. I’m glad Team 7 found happiness in the end. NARUTO FOR LIFE!!!! Photo credits to: someone

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Wow 😍 thank you 🙏 my dear friends and followers ❤️, happy Easter to those who celebrate it 🐇, and to everyone I wish a peaceful Sunday and a great start to a new week- a new beginning 🙌 I love you all so so much 😘💋 thank you for your support and love 🙏