reason no. 1924873958435 im3 fucks me up and not in the good way: how the heck do u take arguably the most fascinating and complex modern iron man storylines written by award-winning comic writer warren ellis, w/ an arc that deals explicitly with Accountability, Tony’s Past and History in the weapons industry, Transhumanism - nanotechnology + human enhancement like god !! this is TOny STARkTM kinda shiT - NOT TO MENTION tony’s absolute refusal to kill (he breaks down crying over having to kill the main villain who already succeeded in nearly killing him) and end up delivering a pandora’s box of rage and bitterness and disappointment

Eu sei que sou complicada demais, ah como sei. Eu acabo com sua paciência e faço de tudo pra te tirar do sério. E você fica puto e como você é lindo quando ta puto comigo. Mas eu te avisei desde o começo que eu era difícil de lidar, que era complicada, mas você continuou, disse que não se importava com isso. E tudo bem ué, cada um sabe na enrascada que tá se jogando, você sabe né? Quer dizer você ainda está aqui, acho que você me ama demais para ainda está aqui, mas até quando? Todo mundo cansa, todos vão, porque você não seria diferente? Tá vendo? Eu te avisei que às vezes era insegura. Que poderia acordar de mau humor, brigar com você por coisas bestas e remoer coisas que você nem se lembra mais. Tá no pacote ser chata, pegar no seu pé, não baixar a guarda e mesmo assim você quis, você me quis. Mesmo assim você segurou a minha mão, me ouviu e me aconchegou em teu colo. Você ficou quando todos se foram e por mais que eu brigue, negue, e diga para você que não acredito que tu me amas, é mentira porque não à certeza maior do que teu amor por mim.
—  Eu me apaixono por você todo dia.

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Can I have romantic hcs for xanxus and Yamamoto w/ a chubbier s/o, like their s/o is short and stocky (broad) lmao

~This is… surprisingly adorable.~

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  • If anyone asked (and if he deigned to answer) Xanxus what he liked about a short, stocky woman who didn’t have exceptional wealth or power when he could have any woman on Maxim, the Varia Boss would probably say he thought you were cute. And a hell of an awesome cook.
  • Anyone who insults you in any way gets buried alive, unless you say otherwise.
  • Your sass amused him and your loving nature nurtured him. You are very different from the slim, Victoria Secret models that had paraded in and out of his life in the fact that you are not in a relationship with him just because of money or sex or thought the Mafia was ‘cool’. You’re in it because you love him. You have never given him a reason to doubt it.
  • He never says so but he loves sleeping on your lap. He thinks it’s the most comfortable pillow in the world.
  • He likes that you are loyal to a fault. Almost blindly so. You’re ready to claw out the eyes of anyone who talked bad about him and his without thought for your own safety.
  • He liked that you are so fearless. He thought your fearlessness was truly Varia Quality. You are unfazed by Belphegor’s crazy or Levi’s glares. His Varia were forced to respect you because of that.
  • You ask him nothing for yourself and you deny him nothing. You’re living just for him. You make living easier for him. Whenever you did make demands it would always be for his own good. Xanxus would obey gruffly and he would shoot anyone who even twitches their lip the wrong way.
  • Whenever he holds you close, your softness eliminates all the anger and behind closed doors he would smile while you talk about your day together. You could make him laugh at the clever quips that peppered your opinions about everything around them.
  • You can be so generous to him and his needs that he sometimes couldn’t help but feel he was taking advantage of you. But one smile from you and he would pull you close and calm down.
  • Xanxus can’t make himself act violent with you. He always touches you softly. He makes love to you tenderly and never when he’s drunk. As though this was the only way he could express how grateful he is for your presence in his life.
  • Your generosity of heart and gruff, caring nature is the perfect match for his violent selfishness. His favorite comment before you both turn in for the night was that, ‘You’re his idea of heaven.’


  • He fell in love with your beautiful soul. It also helps that he thinks you’re as cute as a button.
  • He’s awed by the fact that you’re willing to put everyone else before you.
  • That you leave yourself wide open despite other people’s contempt about your weight and size arouses almost violent protectiveness in him.
  • Takeshi absolutely loves hugging you tight. He tells you you feel as soft as your heart.
  • He gets especially angry and vindictive whenever he notices people taking advantage of your giving nature.
  • He exacts revenge on people who hurt you physically or emotionally and their only warning would be a sharp look and a cold smile.
  • He hovers over you wherever you go or whenever he could spare the time to be with you. During groceries when he feels like someone was trying to cheat you out of your money he would glare at the vendor icily until he practically shoves everything you need in your hands and claim they’re all free samples.
  • Takeshi is humbled by how accepting you are of what he is. Unlike some of the long limbed, shapely beauties that had walked in and out of his personal life you didn’t nag about him quitting the Mafia. Even though he could feel your wish for him to do so.
  • Instead, every time he comes home from a mission, you check him all over for injuries to make sure he was alright.
  • You make sure Takeshi returns home to a warm, peaceful place and make him forget all the blood and ugliness he had to wade through to come back to you.
  • He likes telling you over and over again that, ‘You are not fat. You’re just the way I like you.’