#wcw goes to the beautiful girl who knows how to keep me smilin, who lets me sleep and lets me be the little spoon every once in a while so I can feel like I have a jet pack (cause she’s smaller than me), who steals my clothes and looks sexy wearing them, who speaks her mind and lets me speak mine and works through everything with me no matter how difficult. This is my girlfriend and I’m so fucking lucky to call her mine ❤️ @meow-thimble

I don’t think that kids need a father and a mother necessarily. I think they need male and female role models. But I don’t think that means that we shouldn’t have kids because we’re two guys. We don’t encourage our children to only play with Barbies. But if our son picks up a Barbie doll and wants to play with it, okay. Parents need to be more accepting of who their kids are and less concerned about who society thinks they need to be.
—  Neil Patrick Harris