There are things about yourself you don’t realize until someone from the outside makes an observation and decided to relay their findings. On this day, I discovered I have RBF (resting bitch face). It all started during our last day at @ven.mag Art Camp. We were at a wine tasting and everyone was having a blast. Even me believe it or not. The horror that would soon change the course of my social interactions was revealed shortly after dosing a glass of delicious dessert port. A poor and unfortunate soul happened to snap the interaction, and upon further investigation saw an angry black man sipping wine, ready to lay someone out. But on my end, I’m happily sipping the sweet nectar, celebrating an amazing end to an amazing camp experience. Unaware that I was probably scaring the shit out of the man serving us wine. This is a public announcement to any who meets me in person or decides to hang out with me, IM NOT MAD. I’m probably having a blast, but that’s all hidden behind a face sculpted from years and years of toughening and hard assery.
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Sitting at a bar, witnessing the bar interaction of men and women……. Oh research is much easier with a nice glass of wine.

So now I’m home.

This is what I have encountered.

  1. Women are always spoken about at the bar
  2. Men think because they’re drunk that we cant hear them
  3. Even if the female is sitting far away with her back turned, reading a book, fully clothed with a coat and whatnot ….. she will still be hit on given any chance. The male will pounce the second you turn your neck just to ask for a second cup of wine, He will interrupt it as a signal of “ Hey!!!! I really want your attention!” or “Hey! Please come interrupt this amazing book I’m reading”.

So I was able to get some reading done but got ultimately got interrupted


The Gir to my Zim👽🤖 #ilovewine (at Knotfest San Manuel Amphitheater)

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