Our generation is fucked ones original anymore.Negativity outweighs the networking has altered our morals…No one believes no more,no one has there own ambitions…The more ignorance comes to life,The More are Values are dying. There's no separation from whats real or whose real. Our generation/media has placed us all in One category. Now a days Whats passionate to you is a joke to others. Everyone needs someone to look at as examples or as a reference to find themselves in life.GUIDANCE, A HERO..But who are the real heroes when every1 is portraying to be One. Everyone needs a fan. but no one wants to support.. Hate comes from Intimidation. Love comes from Appreciation. Just Know Who You Are and Your Position in Life.. You don't gotta like it but respect the situation. Be yourself, and if you do want to be like your hero. Don't be afraid to support that Hero. #CarelessWorld- TYGA♥