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Prince George Meme Week

To celebrate Prince George’s 1st birthday this Tuesday, the 22nd of July, the Inner Duchess will be posting Prince George memes all week! Send in any pictures of Baby King you think would make a great meme! I will post as many as possible. Depending on how many submissions, there may even be a competition for funniest Baby King meme ;)

I was tagged by lovely royal-windsor. Thank you, Lauren :)

Name- Tanja
Nicknames- Tanni
Where are you from? - Germany
What’s your favourite colour - Pink
Write something in all caps - CAMILLA
Favourite Artist/Band- Annett Louisan, ABBA, Wise Guys, Leonard Cohen, Lily Allen
Reasons to smile - my cat, my friends, good food, music, spring
Tag ten people you want to know better- thecclover, theprinceandalexandra, camillafanfiction, ilovethebritishroyals, onemoreblogaboutroyals, monarchyismagic, myroyalpointofview, lovaduck, thepompandthepagentry, liswindsor



A very happy birthday to the amazing, wonderful best friend of mine ilovethebritishroyals
I could write 18 pages (FRONT AND BACK!) about how amazing this girl is but what I will say is that she is so kind, funny, hella intelligent and always there for me. I’m so glad I became friends with this wonderful person and I hope she has the fantastic day she deserves! :) xx