In celebration of my 6 year anniversary of my royal blog (and many royal things have happened in that time!) I have done some shoutouts to other royal (some non royal) blogs just to say thanks for being there and if you would like to get to know me better just send me a message, i don’t bite!😉
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Hello there everyone! This is extremely late and I am so sorry for that! I was going to have one done by New Year’s but that never happened, but with classes starting up again for me on Monday I thought I should probably take the time to thank all of you wonderful people! I follow so many of you in the fandom that it’s very hard for me to pick just a few to thank because literally ALL OF YOU have made my experience in the royal fandom well worth it. I’m so glad for those I have been following and those I have just started following. Especially those new to the fandom. I love sharing this love of royalty with all of you and I just want to thank you guys for making this a wonderful little family :) So I couldn’t exclude any of you that are royal blogs that I follow, so this list is rather extensive but I just didn’t want to miss anybody. I look forward to following more of you in the future! Also remember I follow all of you using my personal blog since my royal blog is sub-blog. Love you all, and looking forward to an amazing new year for this fandom!!!


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TODAY on October 19th my blog celebrates its 3rd anniversary and I’m so happy to be part of THIS WONDERFUL ROYAL FANDOM.

I can’t believe it’s has been three years already and that I have +2.900 followers.
I really don’t know what to say to all the blogs and to all my followers who make me smile and happy everyday.

Thank you very much with all my heart to everyone for the follow, likes, reblogs, asks, messages, thank you to those who love me or hate me, I wouldn’t be nothing without you, so THANK YOU!

Here is a list of my favorite blogs: (If i miss someone I’m sorry, I love you all)

→  Maddy.


@anythingandeverythingroyals @bernadotteroyals @bernadottewindsor @cambridgedom @catherinemiddletonmafia @charlotteelizabeths @charlotteofcambrdge @claireofluxembourg @crownprincesses @dailyscands @duchesscambridges @duchesscatherine-news @duchessofostergotlands @duchesscatherine7 @everythingroyalty @flawlesscatherine @georgeslays @gabriellademonaco @gracefullycatherine @georgesfamily


@houseofwindsor @harryandthecambridges @hrhhenrycharles @harrrywales @ilovethebritishroyals @ifreakingloveroyals @johnabradley @katemiddletons @katemids @kmiddletons @koninginmaxima @killiamkween @littleworldofroyalty @mymrharrywales @misshonoriaglossop @margaretroses @middletonlove @mr-mrswales @ofprincessesandqueens @onemoreblogaboutroyals @oneillsofsweden @princeh3nry @princessofsuffolk @princessphines @princessestelles @princessleonors @pippamiddleton @queenmaximas @queenletiziaofspain @queenlilibets


@royalwatcher @royal-confessions @ravishingtheroyals @royalsofbritain @royalcatherine @sofihellqvist @sofiahellqvist @sofiahellqvists @swedishroyalhousemafia @styleofaduchess @theroyalsandi @the-cambridge-family @theswedes @thekensingtonpalace @universallyroyals @whatwouldcatherinewear @wills-and-kate @wombat-and-squeak @worldofwindsor @whatwouldcatherinewear @whatwouldcatherinedo

Well, this was a nightmare to make. But yeah, here’s my follow forever. I don’t talk to a lot of people on here, and I just tend to admire blogs from afar. Whether it’s your amazing tags, awesome photoshop skills, or just all around great personality, you’ve made my dash a lot better and you’re all super rad. Thank you.

(people with hyphens in their urls made the organization of this list a lot harder than it should be. I give up.)

(also, I follow many of you on my personal blog and you’re hella rad there, too.)

allthingscatherineandmary andhismuse anythingandeverythingroyals arielthethirdannathesecond babycambridgesus barryalin calliettorres cambridgebaby cambridgedom cambridgeess catherinemiddletons catherinemiddletonz claireofluxembourg colormecambridge countessofstrathearn dirtyroyalconfessions daddyfelipe elizabethvevo findingbucky flightsurgeon gay4kate georgeslays helenoftroys hheimdall hmqueenkate iamacolor ilovethebritishroyals jeannecave jehnniferblake k-middykateisourfabbiestduchess katemiddletons kevinmckidd kingfelipeismyhomeboy kristiemewis l-conrad learnedtolovethebeast lydiahz maryandkateourfuturequeens maureensohara middletonqueen mischievousmiddletons misshonoriaglossop mr-mrswales mydiverseideas nicholasalexandrovich peggycartvr philipkessel princessestelles princessphines queenmaximas ravishingtheroyals ready4royalty reigningfreedom riotgrrrlclub rossamundpike royal-windsor royalkmiddleton royallytorn royalsgonewild sego-lily shieldofathena slaybridges sofiahellqvist starkening styleswalsh thecambridgees thecrownoutfits thekoreampenguin theroyalfirm timeandwisdom vangoghfangirl williamkategeorge worldofwindsor wormwoods zaynpleathes

The Faves:

phff / ablackberrywinterclaireofluxembourg / coyotease / dirtyroyalconfessions / duchessofostergotlands / duchessofpennsylvania / georgeslays / harryandthecambridges / ijustcambridge / ingridnilsens / katemiddletons / katemids / lottiedianas / princelyprinceharry / royalkeeper​ / royallyvintage​ / sofiahellqvistteaandroyalty

A - F

adspicioetcommeo / allthelovelyroyals / allthingsbritishroyals / anna8910 / anythingandeverythingroyals / arianewilhelminas / aroyalargentinian / beautifulcharlotte / bernadottewindsor / bespectacled68 / cambridgebaby / cambridgedom / cambridgefamily / cambridge-inspiration / cambridgeprincess / camillasgirl / carolathhabsburg / catherinemiddletonmafia / charlotteelizabeths / colormecambridge / cosmopolitanvirgo / crazyforcambridge / dosesofgrace / duchakaladydiana / duchesscambridges / duchofcambridge / dudeandduchessandspare / englandsdreaming / englands-princess / estelleisnotamused / everythingroyalty / flawlesscatherine

G - K

grandduchessofwinterfell / hermajestysaprettyniceplaywright / highqueenof / hisroyalhotnessprinceharry / hmqueenkate / hrhroyalty / hrhstrathearn / hrhwindsor / ifreakingloveroyals / ilovethebritishroyals / isprinceharrymyboyfriend / kateisourfabbiestduchess / katemiddyofwindsor / kmiddletons / k-middy

L - Q

leotardsanity / littleworldofroyalty / longliveroyalty / lottieandgeorgie / lovingtheroyals / maryandkateourfuturequeens / marydonldson / maximazorreguietas / middletonqueen / middletonroyalty / misshonoriaglossop / mmonpezat / mr-mrswales / muchadoaboutroyals / mycrarrythings / mymrharrywales / myroyallove / myroyalpassion / myroyalpointofview / ohgollygeeitstess / ohmycambridge / ohmyduchess / olishkanikolaevna / onemoreblogaboutroyals / phfanfic / phff-wildwintersday / pogglepoppy / prettykatemiddleton / princeh3nry / princehenrycharles / princehenryofwales / princessphines / princess-sofias / queencharlottes / queenmaximas

R - V

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W - Z

whatliesbeforeusaretinymatters / williamcatherine / windsoraffairs / wombat-and-squeak / worldofwindsor / xoglitterbeauty / youcancallmeduchess / youlovelucie

And here is my blogroll for a complete list of everyone I follow. 

I really hope I didn’t leave anyone out! If I did, I’m really, really sorry. And keep in mind, If I follow you, I think your blog is awesome :)

aboutprincewilliam | 1000picsofroyalty | ilovethebritishroyals       duchess-of-smiles | royallykate | katecambridge                               catherinemiddletons | gonewiththewindsors | classiccatherine | worldofwindsor | thecambridges | hisroyalhotnessprinceharry | mrharrywales | a-royal-love-affair | middletonlove | darlingduchess | beautifulroyals | princessdianafrances | mymrharrywales | angelduchess | dukeandduchess | itisaroyallife | britishroyalgoogler | middletonroyalty | mcqueenkate | ravishingtheroyals | dirtyroyalconfessions

I know I missed too many blogs so you can also check my blogroll.

Prince George Meme Week

To celebrate Prince George’s 1st birthday this Tuesday, the 22nd of July, the Inner Duchess will be posting Prince George memes all week! Send in any pictures of Baby King you think would make a great meme! I will post as many as possible. Depending on how many submissions, there may even be a competition for funniest Baby King meme ;)



A very happy birthday to the amazing, wonderful best friend of mine ilovethebritishroyals
I could write 18 pages (FRONT AND BACK!) about how amazing this girl is but what I will say is that she is so kind, funny, hella intelligent and always there for me. I’m so glad I became friends with this wonderful person and I hope she has the fantastic day she deserves! :) xx

I've been tagged! And I have GIFS!
  • Rule 1: Always post the rules
  • Rule 2: Answer the questions you were tagged on and make 11 new ones
  • Rule 3: Tag 11 new people and link them to your post
  • Rule 4: Let them know they were tagged

I was tagged by the fabulous QueenMaximas!

1. Favorite Royal Wedding?

Prince William and Catherine Middleton

 2. Favorite Past Royal?

King Edward VIII.

3. Favorite Present Royal?

Prince Harry

4. Favorite King?

King Harald V

5.  Favorite Queen (consort or reigning)?

Queen Elizabeth

6. Favorite Crown Prince?

Crown Prince Frederik

7. Favorite Crown Princess?

Crown Princess Mette-Marit

8. Favorite Royal kid?

Princess Estelle

9. Favorite Royal Name

David. Guess why?

10. Favorite Royal Christening?

Yet again, the lovely Princess Estelle!

11. Favorite Coronation/Investiture

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

And my questions:

1. Favorite Royal Love Story?

2. Handsomest Prince?

3. Prettiest Princess?

4. Best Royal Outfit?

5. Favorite Royal Dynasty?

6. Favorite Engagement Ring?

7. Ideal Royal Spouse?

8. Most Beautiful Palace?

9. Favorite Tiara?

10. Most Anticipated Royal Event?

11. Sacha, Estelle, or Baby Cambridge?