The longer we reside on this earth, the more unreal our food becomes. You need to check your labels and understand what you are putting into your body. If a bunch of man made chemicals is what you love, then do what makes you happy. I love my life, therefore I love what naturally keeps it going. Btw, natural cranberry juice makes “it” sweeter ladies. 😉 #naturalliving #teamnatural #fruitsandveggies #iloverealfood

Off the Wagon

It seems I have taken a slight hiatus from health eating/active lifestyle. Now that Tough Mudder training is over there is absolutely nothing to look forward to. Without goals it seems I lack motivation to keep on. Sad. I still eat fruits and veggies here and there and try not to consume tons of fried fruits or sweets (habits that seem to be sticking) but I am not going out of my way. I also consumed entirely TOO much salty foods last Sunday. Have also not been drinking enough water. The end result was me coming down with a sore throat that progressed to a full blown ‘head cold’ (what we wannabe MDs call an upper respiratory tract infection/URI). I also feel like my head is going to explode. I know that you need a 'bug’ (virus or bacteria) to have these symptoms. Who knows tho? I cant help but wonder if its due to not eating well/working out as often.

Oh well, hopefully I will find some new motivation/inspiration and hop back on to the wagon next week. 

P.S The other day at lunch I had an epiphany. A fellow classmate (super skinny caucasian female) was eating a large red pepper for lunch. WTH? She had no hummus, no other dip or anything that was her lunch. She ate this with a smile. In this moment I realized why I will probably NEVER, ever be skinny. I like food. Am sure she enjoyed her pepper. Maybe am just jealous….