So as most of you know I had to do a final project for my WGS class and it was a liberating act, meaning I had to do something that pushed me as an academic and as a person. I chose to talk about my struggle with body image in the media and how I have overcome that. This is the final album that I have decided to share with y'all. Shout out to my awesome photographers, Jacob, Shenae, and Baylee Enjoy!

Alright so. I just wanna say that first of all, I don’t want to be an attention hog or have an excuse to show myself in a sports bra online. That’s not what this is about. Ever since about the sixth grade I’ve hated my body. I looked at all of the other girls and their curves, and their big chests, and wondered why they had things that I didn’t. I even stuffed my bra in 6th grade to fit in. But this new body positive movement has opened my eyes to make me realize that I really am proud of my body, that I’m beautiful even if I’m not as skinny as others or have a big chest. And others should be, too. I love how I look, and I don’t need to diet or to fake it or anything like that. I’m #bodypositive and I love every minute of it. And you should too. #longpost #sorry #ilovemytummy

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