Carlos trying to do his homework and jay is bored and starts to mess with him. “Stop being annoying” says Carlos.

“Let’s do something fun” says jay as he throws a sock across the floor. “Homework is fun for me” says Carlos as he returns his focus back to his homework. “I know something you can do that’s better” says jay.

Carlos doesn’t wanna look up at his boyfriend but does anyway. Curse his voice he thinks as he looks up again. Jay smirks as he says “Me”. Carlos goes red in the face. “JAY” he yells as Jay smiles at him.

Jay then wraps his arms around his boyfriend neck. “Carlos, I want you” he whispers as he kissed Carlos neck.

Carlos blushes as he attempts to fight his boyfriend but gives in and says “jay, take me”.

That moment...

When you find the shipping tag for your beloved OTP and you just can’t get out but you have to and you just really can’t anymore…

I am drowning, flooded with awesome shizz and I LOVE EVERY BIT OF IT. *faints*

Aaaaahhh. shipping tags…

Finding them is one of life’s most bittersweet moments… *whacked*