What an effort. 1 hour 20 minutes into full Drax makeup. #sfx #specialeffectamakeup #careergoals

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Drax Makeup Application for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.
Makeup Artists:
Brian Sipe
Rob Pritchard
Jon Moore
Matt Sprunger

This makeup took us around 1 hour and 20 minutes. Got the dance down and cranked the music.
The prosthetic transfers were resculpted and fabricated by Legacy Effects.

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Brandi took this photo yesterday. That’s me sitting on the cabin top sewing a ditty bag during a leisurely sail into Gloucester, MA aboard Pride of Baltimore 2.

10 years old.
Future policewoman.

I hear a soft knock outside my classroom door today and there stands one of my reading intervention pupils. She wants to practice writing her name and soon we got to talking about Islam. She tells me about fasting for 30 days for Ramadan because “if you love God then you fast” from sunrise to sunset. She teaches me that Muslims cannot eat pig because he “has Satan in his body. If I eat him, I die.” She tells me she must pray five times a day and wear her hijab, or head wrap, all the time. She gazes at me, smiles, and says that she feels most beautiful when wearing her hijab. I have her put it on to show me and she was clearly correct. However, our school doesn’t let her (or any of the other Muslims who make up 39% of the school) wear them during the day because we were founded by the Church of Uganda. Sometimes the others at the schools say bad words to her for being a Muslim, even teachers she says. I tell her that whether she’s green or purple, big or small, Christian or Muslim, she can always be my friend. She giggles and asks if I will go to mosque with her one day; I happily comply but only if she lets me borrow her “smartest” hijab. We pinky promise and she continues writing her name over and over again with a joyful grin across her face.

I think I made a new friend today.


Did someone order a bona-fide combat paramedic?

I’m having a good self image day. Felt strong and left my wisdom-tooth-ice-cream-diet behind me.
Take what life gives you with appreciation, and you’ll have the strength to find the good.


Helping mom clean up before recycling 😋🎃 #ilovemyjob #pumpkinlover

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The #ocean inspired #fairyhouse collection is now in the process of drying. These were so much fun to create! They have a completely different vibe than the floral fairy houses I usually make. I’ll share images of the other ocean houses here over the weekend. If you look closely you can see #seahorses , #mermaids , #starfish , #seashells and #fairymagic #oceaninspired #workinprogress #potteryvideo #potteryvideos #ilovemyjob

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