Cuz each of my hats let ppl see me differently #menshats #menswear #hats #neff #beanies #snapbacks #5panel #ilovemyclothes

Clothes and accessories can tell a lot about a person’s past as well as their present. I don’t like jewelry nor heels, and I feel alright without makeup. I know some men who need those things to feel good about themselves! So, what’s going on?

Imagine you have two big changing rooms, one for male and the other for female historical clothing. In each there’ll be a variety of styles, 3 or 4 outfits with accessories โ€“ each room has them arranged so you can see the outfits as though you’re at a very expensive clothing store, all arranged professionally. They’re big changing rooms! So open one changing room’s door and go to the first outfit that interests you. Imagine it on you and imagine yourself in the mirrors. How does it feel on you? Is it familiar? Does it somehow feel right and bring back glimmers of memories? Check out the other outfits there.

Now, go to the other big walk-in closet and do the same.

Some imaginings won’t feel right—-you won’t even want to imagine some of the clothes on you. This doesn’t necessarily mean you never wore such an outfit; it could also mean that you don’t ever want to wear it again. Tricky bit, that. But if you trust your intuition here, I think you’ll know which one it is.

And if you really love something, and it feels just right for you, maybe you should get that hat or that dress or a topcoat like that one. It’s good to feel comfy in your old skins as well as in your own skin. ย