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Sansa is not happy that her toy is broken. 

Roman's Go Fund Me

Early this morning my best friend got hit by a car. He crawled all the way back to my house, dragged his body inside, and then went into shock. I rushed him to the emergency vet, where they said it looked as though he had a pelvic fracture. 

As of 12/11/14, we have had x-rays done and have confirmed his pelvic fracture. Our doctor recommended surgery as soon as possible.

I am in desperate need of assistance. I only have three followers on tumblr, but if anyone could share this link I would be very appreciative. My financial aid will not cover the costs of his medical bills, and my student loans do not come in until January. I know many of you can understand the frustration of never having enough to survive. And when an emergency arises, it is only amplified by the realization that you can’t afford to fix things. 

The vet said he is doing well, and is very strong. But he needs surgery and if we can’t pay the bill, they will put him down.

Please reblog this, or donate if you can spare it. No amount is too small. I really really appreciate it.

That is the link to the account I made.

Thank you, to everyone who helps. I am humbled by the amount of support he has received and above all else, so proud of him for hanging on and being so strong throughout all of this.

UPDATE: 12/16/14

As of today, a whole six days after the incident, the doctor’s noticed for the first time that he has an abdominal hernia. Despite my asking them multiple times to physically examine his abdomen in front of me, they did not catch this until the second x-ray. They ignored me and misdiagnosed him and we are now more desperate than ever for donations. The cost to fix his hernia, as well as the pelvic fracture is 3,000, and we still have almost 1,000 in costs already racked up from x-rays, medication, hospitalization fees and more.

I beg anyone who is able, please reblog and donate if you can. If there are any blogs that you know of with a large audience, please send them personal messages asking them to share this as well, because that is how I was able to spread it around originally. I know that if there were larger blogs out there that could reblog this we could potentially raise the funds. I have updated the gofundme with more information about what happened if you want to read more. Thank you to everyone who has helped Roman, I am absolutely amazed that he has managed so well to now, and I hope that he can hold on just a little longer. 

UPDATE: 12/18/14

Roman had his surgery this morning, and is in recovery right now at the hospital. I was able to visit him, and he looks as though he is doing worlds better. I want to thank everyone who has followed and shared our story this past week, I am in awe of the generosity and support from so many strangers, and I will never be able to thank you all enough. For now, I hope for his strong recovery, and I hope that should anyone else need assistance in saving a pet, they keep donations in mind as a resource. Without them, I may have lost my friend. 

UPDATE: 3/7/15

Roman is in the hospital once again. When we found him this evening he was so gone, it reminded me of the morning we first found him after his accident. Back in January we noticed Roman’s belly began to seem distended, and it was our doctor’s assumption that Roman had developed a seroma, fluid buildup in the empty space where his little fat sack used to be. We have drained it a few times to relieve him of the pressure, but it appears this last drain may have caused an infection that swept through him very fast. The doctors are doing all they can now, but it has become very clear that draining it is no longer safe for him. We need a sustainable solution. And regrettably, this solution appears to be another surgery. Because of the dead space his loose skin provides, the fluid is building up. Our doctor believes that if we were to eliminate this dead space by doing a tummy tuck, this problem would go away. The surgery was estimated to be another $1,000. Roman has already received more kindness and generosity than I ever expected, and we are eternally grateful. He has been so strong throughout his healing, and I guess it was his normalcy that made me forget to expect nights like these, where his eyes couldn’t even focus on my face. I wanted to update the many people who know and care for Roman and his struggle, and humbly request his story be shared, in hopes of affording this new surgery. Thank you all so much for everything.

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