The Streep Shelves

the streep shelves

If you have time, please visit my newly launched website dedicated to Meryl Streep. It is interactive if you would like to participate! Also, the purpose of the website is to be a review site of sorts - providing admin and user reviews of her movies, books about her, etc. However, since there are so many movies to review, I am taking the time to rewatch them all and write fresh reviews. That being said, please understand that that part of the site will be under construction for a while. If you decide to take a look, I would love your feedback either through the site or on tumblr. 

Please take note of a few things - it would be great if you could read the page about Disclaimers and Rules so you know where I get my material. Also, please understand that this is only meant to be a tribute site and is a hobby, not a profession. And I am very proud of it so far :)

Thank you, in advance, for those of you who take the time to look at my work!

Oh’s already starting.
I’m watching back “Watch What Happens Live” with Meryl Streep. (couldn’t watch it earlier in my country)
Coincidence or not: right after the host had introduced her, my eyes lightly teared up when seeing her.
On the one hand I don’t have to be surprised, really.
On the other hand I didn’t know what just happened, cause I don’t often react like that on people.
But hey, it’s Meryl Streep we’re talking about. 
Explains it all.