Keyclub icon 2014

Icon has been one of the best experiences of my life! Omfg er if not that it was THE best experience of my life. The people there were sooo friendly! You could literally go up to anyone and you would become instant friends with that person. The best part about this at icon is that you never know where they came from. They could be from your area, or they could be thousands of isles away from you. I met people from Canada, Jamaica, New York, Virginia,Georgia and the list just goes on. But icon is so inspiring to me. Hearing about others life stories just inspires me to go out there and be the best that I can be, because it know that if I try hard enough I can practically do anything my heart desires to do now.
Knowing that key club ended for me I will miss everyone I met and miss key club as a whole sooo much. Without key club I wouldn’t have half of the friends I have today. Not only that but they are some of the best friends I have ever made. They are so caring, nice, and friendly omg. I can hardly describe how key club makes me feel! But I just want to say that I will forever and always love key club and everyone in it. And if you’re not in there already, you should join. But only if you go to your divisional events.

today was a wonderful day(even though my voice is so horrible rn) i got to meet up with so many people and we won the first spirit stick. to the other divisions you guys are still wonderful and did a great job. this was a great way to start my first year in key 💕 so sad its over 😭 #keyclub #cnh #d10s #spiritstick #fallrallysouth #ilovekeyclub (at Six Flags Magic Mountain)