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Hi ♥ ! if you had to associate to each Seventeen's members with one of your mutual or follower, who would it be and why? You have zero obligation to do this, you can just ignore this message ~

hiiii anon this is so cuuute haha!! okey dokey here we gooo 

s.coups - @scoupsdeville (i just realised that we follow like three coups blogs wtf i need more) 

jeonghan - @momjeonghan   (u have no idea how tempted i was to put shia oml) 

joshua - @jisoostar and @plantsoo 

jun - @ilovejun and @7unhui and also @extrajun 

hoshi - @thesoonyoungs and oF COURSE @hoshinoyas

wonwoo - @squishywonu (we follow a really sad amount of wonwoo blogs so hit us up if you got some of the good jeon wonwoo shit) 

woozi - @eatboo and @wooziology aaaaand @woozifi

seokmin - who else but @97skmn

mingyu - @mangyuo and @gyutothehao

minghao - @sassyminghao and @munchiesthaoo

seungkwan - @iluboo 

vernon - @hanwooz and @verrnope

dino - LMAO EVERYONE BEEN SWERVING TO CHAN LATELY idk who to put hahahah erm @dinosmixtape 

also just gonna add some ppl i kinda just associate with seventeen in general! @grapefruit-kwan, @babieseok, @wonhomed@s-lay-ing, @jjeonghoshi, @heoni and @zeungkwan 💖💖


tagged by @gyushu-a @jecnwonu @jisoostar @7unhui! thank you dears~~

here are some chinese new year selfies hahaha i hope everyone who celebrates had a nice time with your family and friends! to those who don’t celebrate, I hope u guys r doing well!!

im gonna tag @hughosh @healinghoshi @momjeonghan @iludk @minygu @seveanteen @vitaminniedk @zeungkwan @seok5hua @97skmn @svtsdad @ohcheol @wooziology @rbluth @yoongilly @soon-ofthe-seok @ilovesuga @ilovejun @busanie!! as usual no pressure to do it whatsoever ^^

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Who are some of your close friends/mutuals on here?

@kmgs @woojeez @wooziology @qeachchild @97skmn @ilovesuga @ilovejun @h1ddenleaf @dokyuml @highlightsvt @03highlight @plantsoo @meanieanti @dinosmixtape @jecnwonu @darlinggyu @woanu @cheolsgirl @tookorean @soonhosh + maybe theres more but im forgetting :/// n im not saying these are like my only friends lmao these are just ppl i talk to often , n if ur not following them pls check them out bc they run great blogs n im very grateful to all of them for being patient w me bc im boring most of the time n forget to reply to messages but i love them a lot

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some good blogs (pref svt) to follow? im new and i want to find some blogs to follow~ ^^

hmmm ill list a few for ya ♡♡ @ilovejun @darlinggyu @iluboo @97skmn @jecnwonu @dinosmixtape @dokyuml @plantsoo @spicyjunhui @h1ddenleaf @highlightsvt @03highlight @maenie @zeungkwan @lovegyu @momjeonghan @hanwooz @wonnhao 

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can you make it to were we can see who you follow because I am new and need to follow more people and I love ur account

oo tysm!! sorry i dont have a feature like that anon,, but i can always link you some awesome blogs!!

@iloveseokjin @shnee @1dean @cutejin @sanasgf @ilovejun @1boba @onews @1jksn @seungwn @ilu2 @kmgs

those are just ones i can think off the top of my head but they have amazing aesthetics and have quality posts!!