“It’s called ‘floorball’. It’s like a hockey that you play on the ground and it was one of my favorite hobbies from my past. I learned it in class my first year of high school. My P.E. teacher had overwhelming passion for the game which made it so fun for me that the next year I started a floorball club with my friends. I loved it so much, but my mom said I couldn’t do it, so I ended up not playing. If I really think about it now, I didn’t study back then anyway, so I really missed out by quitting. I was pretty good at it. I still really want to play right now, like the middle age men playing soccer in my neighborhood.”
“Like a morning soccer club?”
“Yeah! When I get older, I’m going to give it a try like them.”

“플로어볼이라고 땅에서 하는 하키 같은게 있는데 제가 옛날에 즐겨했던 취미예요. 고1 수업시간에 배웠는데 그때 체육선생님이 열정도 넘치셨고 저도 재미들려서 고2때 친구들이랑 직접 동아리까지 만들었었어요. 정말 좋아했었는데 엄마가 하지 말라고 하셔서 못 하게 되었죠. 진짜 지금 생각해보면 그때 공부도 안 했는데 왜 그만 둔건지 엄청 아쉬워요. 저 나름 잘 했거든요. 진짜 아직도 하고 싶어요. 아저씨들이 동네에서 축구회 하시잖아요.”
“조기 축구회요?”
“네! 저도 더 나이들면 그렇게 한번 해보려구요.”


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