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  • Halloween in Gotham (Thomas & Ed)
  • Edwoodrp entered the cabaret (Emcee & Ed)
  • The Perfect Casting (Carolyn & Ed)
  • An Audition (Esme & Ed)
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     It has come to my grave attention that you spelled ‘spooky’ incorrectly. 
I believe, the correct spelling is ‘spooky’. Not ‘srooky’. 
Remember, typos are out. Very out. 
Speaking of which, I spotted numeral errors in ‘The Daily Punctilio’ the other day! I contacted that batty journalist, and attached a document stating my top five dictionary picks. So, she no longer has any excuse. Would you like me to forward said document to your email so that you can select an appropriate dictionary for yourself, dearest? Personally, I recommend you read ‘Punctuation, Spelling and Grammar for the Every-Day Villain’ by M.C Grebs. I think you’ll like it.

Love, E

Dearest Light of my Life,

    Thank you so very much for the heads-up. You know I’m not the best typist in the world and even evil geniuses like me make mistakes from time to time. I’ll look for those books the next time I’m at the library. 

- All my love, O

joonmas-shituation answered your post: does anyone know why so m…

Around 100million+ people are trying to download it all at the same time, so Apple Servers will be strained

oh i see, that makes sense tbh. thank you :-)

ilovefreaks answered your post: does anyone know why so m…

I don’t know. I have the same problem.. do you know what should I do?

well if what the person above says is true then i guess all we can do is wait and keep on trying