Since Facebook reminded me yesterday of the progress picture I posted 2 years ago. #transformationtuesday
Lost 115 Lb in total.
It’s been a journey. It’s crazy because I’m still getting used to being this small & everything in my life. It’s been a while since I had looked at old pictures of me, but it was actually really nice to. It has reminded me how far I’ve come, that hard work does pay off (all those 6 days a week 2+ hours at the gym) I worked so hard for a year (well I still am not as intense but you guys get the point aha). Lately life has been so nice & kind to me though I won’t deny many bad days & even weeks. I’ve been on a new journey, a journey of self love & acceptance. I’m learning to love those old things about myself I used to, I’ve started to love many new things about myself I didn’t even know. It has taken me two years to start loving myself again, to decide to really fight against my disorder harder than ever.
I’m working so hard right now & I can slowly start seeing results. I wish you guys could feel what Ive been feeling lately. Ive just been so happy. I’m so in love with life right now, with those little things that have brought joy & light to my darkness. Of course I couldn’t have done any of this without the help of my family & friends, specially to those two special human beings that just make me & my heart so happy all the time😊☺️
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