Day 12 : Today I felt a deep sense of gratitude for my Dory (yes she’s named after the Finding Nemo character) It took me over 2 years to buy her and to secure my independence. I have not used public transport since November 2012. We all know about Metrofail and how they daily cancel trains without notice, leaving people stranded or scrambling for alternate ways to work. Today was especially bad and one of my staff members had a traumatic morning, due to the taxi violence and protests! Thankfully she arrived safe at work but unable to be productive. I pray that all who were affected this morning survived the violence physically unscathed, however I know the emotional and mental scars will be lasting. #100GratefulDays #Independence #Safety #MyOwnCar #PeaceOfMind #PeacefulProtestsPlease #ILoveDory